1400 degree heat resistant \”airgel\” Novel Ceramic Materials widely used in various high-end

As the innovation and development of the region \”pioneer\” and \”leader\”, based in Zibo High-tech Zone industrial base through the benefits of the new materials, the integration and optimization of technological innovation resources, build up a good technology platform system in the field of new materials, polished \”new materials were all \”golden signboard. In the field of power industry, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, building materials industry and other thermal equipment as the main productive forces, the prevalence of energy-consuming, high costs, heavy pollution and so on, with the old and the new kinetic energy is converted horn blowing louder, super-insulation materials R & D investment by all kinds of science and technology enterprises over the years become a research study of the subject. Tao Shandong Engineering Institute has been committed to something called \” Aerogels \” The new ceramic materials research and development, and now, the product has been widely used in high-end aerospace, shipbuilding, industrial equipment and so on. High temperature of 1000 degrees is a concept of what? It is enough to melt steel, is held by the hands of reporters, \”airgel\” as the new insulation material made from raw materials that will be used which has nearly a thousand degree heat of the flamethrower and flowers, together with such insulation materials complete experiment, we witnessed it insulating properties of such insulation materials. Flowers across this insulation materials, continued to experience nearly a thousand degree heat about a minute, and flowers form has not changed, and reporters holding the insulation material did not feel burning sensation, showing that the \”gas gel \”new insulation material is a material made of how well the insulation. Shandong Engineering Institute of Tao House anti-airgel insulation materials project leader Zhang Lei said: \”airgel is a kind of new nanostructured materials, due to the airgel generally more than 80% of all air, so there are very good thermal insulation, thermal conductivity of a conventional fire-resistant insulation material 1 / 3-1 / 5, the equivalent of an inch thick airgel insulation function 20-30 ordinary glass, even if the airgel in flowers between the flame and the flowers will be intact. \”after more than ten years of development, the development of airgel material has formed a multi-series products, mainly temperature 800 ℃, 1100 ℃ and 1400 ℃ three material systems ; in recent years, along with China\’s continued economic transformation and upgrading, and vigorously promote energy saving policies, airgel material its excellent heat resistance and insulation properties, has more pressing needs in civilian areas, the Tao of Shandong Institute through technology enhancements that address the preparation of airgel material at low cost, and distinguished military collarThe key technical issues, development of sample domain applications are currently being carried out the cement industry, low-cost airgel composite pilot production line construction in progress, is expected to be put into operation in August, when the product will be widely used heat pipe network, electricity The company, building materials and other civilian areas. The Tao, deputy director of Shandong Academy of Anti Institute of insulation materials Ruixiang told reporters: \”Like our exterior insulation, insulation materials are a lot of organic material, it is prone to a number of security risks, like the first two years of high-rise fire , a lot of people problems, not because of burned, because of these volatile organic materials, generate some toxic gases, to the people smoked die choking death, such as airgel materials can be above 700 degrees , you can use a long time, assuming there are such things on fire, it catastrophic accident does not occur. \”airgel material is one of the results of Shandong Tao hospital workers, as the only state-level industrial ceramics research centers the Shandong Institute of pottery workers in dozens of new materials developed in recent years, nearly 100 kinds of new products, there are more than 20 were classified as state-level new products to fill the gap, as the building materials industry, defense industry supporting special ceramics materials made a significant contribution. The Tao of Shandong Academy of accumulated scientific research and technological strength, provides an excellent technology platform and industry cohesion for the development of new materials industry in Zibo High-tech Zone. Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute President Wang Chonghai told reporters: Zibo City municipal government specifically set aside 1,000 acres of land, construction of advanced ceramics industrial park, courtyard we still want to take this opportunity to play the functions of the national ASTRI, in particular, in the course of scientific research, through innovative institutional mechanisms, accelerate the transformation of efficiency. In order to further gather innovative elements industry talent, technology, capital and other Zibo High-tech Zone advantage of local resources Shandong Engineering Tao House in advanced ceramic key common technology research and development, inspection, standards and industry information engineering research and transformation, etc., the joint co built Zibo ceramics innovation Valley, from the set to create inspection, R & D, project incubators and other functions of public technical service platform inorganic non-metallic materials, biomedical materials, fine chemicals and polymer materials, and establish a close political research combined with technical cooperation network, formed a relatively complete research and development of new materials and innovative technology system. Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute President Wang Chonghai said: \”In this platform we can through a number of institutional mechanismsInnovation. Can put some results of our homes placed on the platform, industry incubation can also be integrated through in-depth research, and some research institutes, universities achievement placed on the platform, and then through professional investment, to create a Output of One Hundred billion in advanced ceramics industrial park. \”