2017 China airgel supply and demand situation and market outlook forecast

China in 2017 Aerogels where the supply airgel density is the smallest of the world, solid pore size of nanometers, a wide range of mainly silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and the like. The earliest Kistler made by American scientists in 1931 was nearly 10 years to start using supercritical technology small-scale production. At present, the domestic market is only just starting airgel, very few manufacturers, and major products are also relatively early, basically airgel powder production, can produce composite products are Nano-Tech Co., Ltd., Guangdong Alison tech Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tong Rui new material technology Co., Ltd., a few companies, with an annual capacity of 2.6 million tons. Exhibit 1: 2016 China airgel production capacity Source: Institute for Prospective industry consolidation along with China\’s economic transformation and upgrading, continue to vigorously promote energy saving policies, as well as the implementation of China\’s strategy of nanomaterials for many years, airgel material in recent years it has been widespread concern in government, academia, business and investment community. Aerogels are one of China are gradually showing of high-tech products and almost simultaneously with the world and has a strong competitive, and in a sense, the development of China\’s industry airgel, airgel industry in the world development will have a growing influence. Data show that in 2016 our country airgel production of about 18,300 tons, in recent years the average annual growth rate of about 25%. Chart 2: 2008–2016 China\’s airgel production (Unit: million tons) 2017 Chinese domestic market consumption airgel late start, pre-main foreign airgel product sales, more expensive , marketing efforts also smaller in recent years, with the gradual increase in domestic airgel enterprises increased their strength, costs have been declining, have been expanding, again thanks to the rapid expansion of domestic energy conservation policy implementation body and the amount of economic aerogels industry into the rapid development of the channel. 2016 of airgel production of about 18,300 tons, imported about 2.18, less exports, domestic consumption of about 40,100 tons performance. Exhibit 3: 2008– China airgel consumption situation in 2016: \”Thirteen Five\” China airgel forecast With the scale of the industry and reduce the cost of airgel process (in tonnes)Expand the number of new applications being developed every day, airgel market has become more sophisticated. China as the emerging economies, will be faster than the international average level of the rapid increase in the growth market in the next few years will enter a rapid growth phase. 2016 of airgel production will reach 13,500 tons, consumption of 35,600 tons. 2022 annual production is expected to reach 23,200 tons, consumption of 5.16 million tons. Chart 4: 2017–2022 China\’s airgel production, consumption forecast (Unit: 10,000 tons) \”Chinese heat insulation materials industry,\” Thirteen Five \”development plan\” based on expected, 2020 insulation materials output value will reach 150 billion, in 2015 from the application of the current situation –2020 years airgel material will obtain high-volume applications in the field of industrial and equipment, in 2020 began to fully replace the traditional industrial insulation materials, domestic share of about 500 per year multi-billion market. Is expected to begin in 2020, airgel material in the construction sector will begin large-scale applications, 2025 will fully replace the traditional building insulation material, the domestic share market more than 100 billion annually. At present, the military field demand mainly in the aerospace, weapons and ships and other fields; civilian areas of petrochemicals, rail transport, power industry, underground mine rescue capsule and urban heat pipe network has formed a certain size of the market and continues to grow rapidly, special clothing and tents, LNG pipeline, building energy applications also began a small trial huge post-market. Chart 5: 2020 China airgel market applications forecast (unit:%)