2020 is expected to enter the industry as a whole airgel explosive growth phase

Restrain Aerogels is the biggest obstacle to market development of its high cost, once the cost of production airgel material can be significantly decreased, the market size will expand dramatically, and a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials . Currently in the field of industrial thermal insulation, with conventional airgel material insulating material having energy savings compared significant advantages space, corrosion, and long life. The rapid development inflection point of airgel has quietly come, leading technology companies will get airgel explosive development. With the rapid expansion of production capacity airgel materials, airgel 2020 industry enterprises will increase rapidly, into the whole stage of explosive growth in the next few years may reach 19-170 one hundred million dollars a year scale. 预计到2020年气凝胶行业整体上进入爆发式的增长阶段 Source: Institute for Prospective industry consolidation