2020 Shanghai International Youth Forum Shanghai university scholars forefront of Materials Session

2020 Shanghai International Youth Forum forefront of university academics material Shanghai University Session

Shanghai University Leagues Forum for International Young Scholars Materials Frontier @ SHU material is the cornerstone of social development. The new generation of materials, creating a new generation of equipment, to lead the new generation industries. The new material is a national strategic emerging industries, supporting economic and social development. Shanghai Material frontier Forum Spring 2020 Conference and International Forum for Young Scholars Shanghai Universities (Shanghai University) cutting-edge special materials will be based in Shanghai Branch Center building cutting-edge achievements and development trends and opportunities of the times the integration process of the Yangtze River Delta, the focus areas of the material, the field at home and abroad gathered material outstanding scientists and engineers, to build a world-class interactive platform for academic exchanges, promote academic exchanges in the field of materials, collision of ideas and scientific research. The forum will invite outstanding young scholars at home and abroad, in 2020, adopted May 30 online \”cloud TALK\” mode, for participants face to face exchange of scholars homes via the Internet, to discuss the latest research developments, and to promote the exchange of scientific research cooperation, promote the development of materials science and technology. The conference was organized by the Shanghai Education and Human Resources Development Center working alliance led by university personnel, Shanghai University School of Materials Science and Engineering contractors. Materials form the fundament for human society. A new generation of materials may create a new generation of equipment, at the same time, lead to a new generation of industry development. Novel frontier materials can be an important driver for the strategic emerging industries. Shanghai University Leagues Forum for International Young Scholars Materials Frontier @ SHU, promoted by the construction of Science and Innovation Center in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, will provide exchange opportunities on the cutting-edge achievements and development trends in materials fields, gather international outstanding scientists and engineers, build a world-class academic interaction platform to motivate idea collision and research cooperation.The forum will invite renowned international young scholars using online \”cloud TALK\” on May 30th, 2020, to exchange the latest research trends, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and facilitate development of . materials science and technology

a University Profile:. I Profile of SHU

Shanghai University, Shanghai is a comprehensive university focused on the construction of the national \”211 project\”, is Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal government and universities, Technology and industry for National defense and to build onShanghai Municipal People\’s Government to build a university, a high level of local construction of the first pilot in Shanghai universities, the Ministry of Education first-class university disciplines. Being a municipal university included in national \”Project 211\”, SHU is jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal People\’s Government, and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. SHU is among the first batch of pilot projects of high-level university construction in Shanghai, and is one of the universities that focus on building their preponderant disciplines into first-rate ones on the list of the Ministry of Education. The school now has 19 post-doctoral research stations, 24 a discipline doctorate, 2 doctorate two subjects (one subject uncovered), 8 interdisciplinary doctoral; 42 a discipline master, two two discipline master (a subject not covered), 15 kinds of professional degree category; 82 undergraduate majors; wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, science, engineering, management, art, science and other disciplines; has four national key disciplines, 4 Shanghai class ⅲ peak discipline, a construction of the lead-based Shanghai ⅳ peak subjects, 10 subjects plateau class ⅰ Shanghai, Shanghai class ⅱ plateau 6 subjects, 8 subjects into the ESI ranking the world\’s top 1%. SHU presently has 19 centers for post-doctoral studies, 24 first-class disciplines doctor\’s degree conferring programs, two second-class disciplines doctor\’s degree conferring programs (not covering first-class disciplines), eight doctor stations for inter-disciplines, 42 first-class disciplines master\’s degree conferring programs, 2 second-class disciplines master\’s conferring programs (not covering first-class disciplines), 15 master degree categories and 82 undergraduate majors; it boasts a complete range of disciplines, covering Philosophy, Economics, Law, Literature, History , Engineering, Management, and Arts; it has four national key disciplines, four Type III peak disciplines at the municipal level, leads construction of one Type IV peak discipline in Shanghai, ten Type I plateau disciplines at the municipal level and six Type II plateau disciplines at the municipal level, with 8 disciplines among the top 1% of ESI rankings. The school has a national key laboratories, a State Key Laboratory Breeding Base, a national education Ministry of international joint laboratory, 3 \”high school discipline innovation talent recruitment program\” (the \”111 project\”) innovation and talent recruitment base, 3 Key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education two engineering research centers, two in Shanghai collaborative innovation Center, Shanghai Key laboratory of eight, four Shanghai Engineering Research Center, four professional and technical service platform in Shanghai, 3 Key laboratory of Shanghai Universities, a university engineering Shanghai Research Center. SHU has one national key laboratory, one training base of national key laboratory, one international united laboratory of the Ministry of Education, three bases under the \”Overseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation\” (111 Project), three key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, two engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, two collaborative innovation centers in Shanghai, eight key laboratories in Shanghai, four engineering and technological research centers in Shanghai, four specialized technical service platforms in Shanghai, three key laboratories in Shanghai universities and one engineering research center in Shanghai universities. adhering to the \”self-reliance\”, \”worry before anything and worry, the music after the world and music\” motto and \”innovation\” school spirit, Shanghai University will strive to build a distinctive world-class comprehensive research university. Upholding the motto of \”making unremitting efforts\” and \”being concerned about the country and the people before anything else\” and the spirit of \”pursuing the truth and innovation\”, SHU will strive to build itself into a world-class comprehensive research-oriented university with distinctive characteristics.

Second, the subject of chapter II. Subforum theme

scholars participants will focus on the development of cutting-edge materials science and engineering, research academia and industry research hot spot and key technical issues. 1, Advanced Metal Materials and Engineering: including, but not limited to, design, production, machining parts, service evaluation of iron and steel materials and non-ferrous materials and so on. 2, Metallurgical Engineering: including, but not limited to iron and steel metallurgy, metallurgy intelligent, Metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy and resource utilization technology. 3, functional materials and technologies:Including but not limited to smart inorganic materials, thin film semiconductor materials and devices, photovoltaic devices and materials, thermoelectric materials and devices, advanced energy materials, nano-functional materials, and catalytic nanostructures, environmental materials. 4, soft matter materials: including but not limited biomimetic polymer materials, biomedical materials, bio-organic electronic material, smartgel, supramolecular assembly, a flexible functional materials and devices, polymer chemistry, polymer chemistry, composite materials, etc. . Attending scholars will focus on the frontiers of development in the fields of materials science and engineering, discussing research hotspots and key technical problems in both academia and industries.Topic 1: Advanced Metallic Materials and EngineeringTopic 2: Metallurgical Engineering and TechnologyTopic 3: Functional Materials and TechnologyTopic 4:. Soft Matter

Third, the organizational structure III organization

Moderator: Liu Changsheng academic Committee: David A. Weitz, Liu Jie, Sun Jinliang, Wu Hong, Zhang unified, week Bangxin, Zhou Guozhi , Lu Xionggang (in alphabetical order) Organizing Committee: Wang Gang, Wang Jiang, Wang Linjun, Wang Yong, Wei Xi percent, Yin Jingbo, Lu war Peng, Zhu Bo, Ren Zhongming, LIU Wen-qing, Xu Qian, Du Juan, Lee Boon Yang, Li Hong, Li Mou-cheng, Xi, Li Qian, Yang Jian, Wu Xiaochun, Zhang Alfonso, Zhang warehouse, Yunbo, SHI Li, Shi Siqi, Shi Ying, Luo Jun, Gao Feng, Huang Jian, Lu Xiaogang, Zhaiqi Jie, Yan Shifeng (in alphabetical order) Secretary-General: Dong Han, Zhu Bo Chairman:Liu ChangshengAcademic Committee: David A. Weitz, Liu Jie, Sun Jinliang, Wu Minghong, Zhang Tongyi, Zhou Bangxin, Zhou Guozhi, Lu Xionggang.Organizing Committee: Wang Gang, Wang Jiang, Wang Linjun, Wang Yong, Wei Xicheng, Yin Jingbo , Lv Zhanpeng, Zhu Bo, Ren Zhongming, Liu Wenqing, Xu Qian, Du Juan, Li Wenxian, Li Hong, Li Moucheng, Li Xi, Li Qian, Yang Jian, Wu Xiaochun, Zhang Afang, Zhang Jincang, Zhong Yunbo, Shi liyi, Shi Siqi, Shi Ying, Luo Jun, Gao Yanfeng, Huang Jian, Lu Xiaogang, Zhai Qijie, Yan Shifeng.Secretary-General: Dong Han, Zhu Bo

Fourth, the guest: IV Targets of. Invitation

1) has a Ph.D. from the University of well-known domestic and foreign, and there are two or more consecutive years of scientific research experience abroad, well-known universities abroad, research institutions, renowned R & D institutions have formal teaching or research positions outstanding young scholars; Excellent young scholars who received doctor\’s degrees from famous universities at home or abroad, boast two consecutive years of overseas research experience or above, and have official teaching or research jobs in famous universities, scientific research institutions or enterprise research divisions abroad; 2) outstanding postdoctoral world-renowned universities at home and abroad (2–3 years postdoctoral time), published in the respective disciplines to the first or corresponding author a district identity papers or papers published more than 5-6 or 1-2 or more articles in internationally recognized top journals; Excellent post-doctors of world-renowned universities (2-3 years of experience as post-doctors), who released 5-6 papers or above in p 1 journals of corresponding disciplines or 1-2 academic papers or above in internationally recognized top journals as the first author or corresponding author; 3) Program national talent Shanghai plans and talent winner or went into the reviewer, or plan to declare these outstanding young talent projects scholar; excellent young scholars included into or shortlisted for the State-level talent projects and the talent projects of Shanghai, or plan to apply for such talentprojects; 4) highly cited scientists worldwide, China highly cited scholars. Highly cited scientists around the world or highly cited scholars in China

V. schedule:.. V Agenda:

21: 00-22: 00

Shanghai University welcome ceremony

May 31

9: 30-11: 30

Forum Session report

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Forum Session report

16: 00-17: internal 00

date time forum content
May 30 20: 20-21: 00 launching ceremony [ 123]
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May 30

9: 00-22: 00

Opening Ceremony [123 ]

Greeting Ceremony

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Subforum reports

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VI registration:. V How to apply

1) Interested participants please May 2020 prior to May 25, the official website of the Forum landing https://sulfiys.shec.edu.cn/ material into the cutting-edge special Shanghai University and participants complete the registration application, and send your resume to xiong03120254@126.com by mail, marked \” international young scholars Forum. \” Those who intend to attend the forum are expected to enter \”Materials Frontier @ SHU\” on the official website https://sulfiys.shec.edu.cn/ and complete registration and requests, and send the resume to xiong03120254@126.com as well before May 25, 2020 with marking \”International Young Scholars\’ Forum\” on after the e-mail.2) school qualification of the applicant, on 28 May 2020 before sending a formal invitation to review by staff via email. After reviewing the qualification of the applicants, SHU will send official invitation letters to 28, 2020.

17: 00-21: 00
May 31
Subforum reports 14: 00-16: 00
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Contact qualified ones before May: Contact:

School of Materials Science and Engineering: Xiong Tingting (13671566828 xiong03120254@126.com) Contact person at the School of Materials Science & Engineering: Xiong Tingting

College (13671566828 xiong03120254@126.com) environmental and chemical Engineering: Teng Xiaoli (13818118080 txl1101@shu.edu.cn) Contact person at the School of environmental and chemical Engineering: Teng Xiaoli ( 13818118080 txl1101@shu.edu.cn)