3D bilayer polymer foam, high power solar desalination

Professor Liu Jing right of Materials Science and Engineering, Qingdao University team has made significant progress in the field of solar desalination. developed by their large size, low cost, durable double 3D polymeric foam and its application in solar desalination of , In \”Scalable and robust bilayer polymer foams for highly efficient and stable solar desalination\” is title published in prestigious journals nano energy nano energy: on (DOI 10.1016 / j.nanoen.2019.03.087), the journal impact factor 13.120, is the first author of Qingdao University teacher Li Chen Wei, corresponding author is professor Li Chen Wei and Jing Liu rights. ​3D双层聚合物泡沫,高效助力太阳能海水淡化 With the rapid social development and population growth, humanity is facing a growing water shortage problem. Abundant solar energy resources make solar evaporation of water desalination technology has become one of the most promising. Compared with other technologies, solar evaporation of water direct use of solar energy, environmentally-friendly and low cost, is a clean, portable water treatment technology, become a hot chase. In recent years, a variety of solar evaporation material poor durability and can not be reused and other shortcomings researchers prepared, but still having the evaporation device manufacturing process is complicated, less efficient evaporation. Based on low-cost commercial foam manufacturing the large size group, durable double polymeric foam, for high efficiency solar desalination. Using a two-layer structure, the different functions are assigned to different ingenious layer structure. Polypyrrole layer on top of the light absorption and water evaporation is responsible for the preload bottom foam layer is responsible for transporting water and reduce heat dissipation. In a simulated sunlight, the two-ply foam exhibits a high evaporation rate (1.574 kgm-2 h-1) and excellent evaporation efficiency (90.4%). In a series of two-ply foam under severe conditions (ultrasound, heat, acid, alkali, and re-pressing) exhibit excellent structural stability. The bilayer foam up to 30 days in the test water was evaporated in a stable structure and can maintain its evaporation properties, exhibits excellent antifouling performance and reusability. The team also demonstrated two simple evaporation equipment prototypes were collected fresh water on land and water. Low-cost, large-size, durable solar desalination equipmentHome efficient and stable production of fresh water under natural sunlight conditions, is expected to ease supply problems freshwater water scarcity areas. In addition, the team made a series of studies in recent years, progress in the field of functional composite airgel, some research is published in Carbon, 2019,142,13-19; Adv.Funct.Mater.2018,28,1704674-1704682 ; J.Mater.Chem.A 2018,6,16235-16245; J.Mater.Chem.A 2018,6,11966-11977; J.Power Sources, 2018,378,699-706; J.Mater.Chem. A 2017,5,18684-18690 on other magazines. The research results can be widely applied to storage, catalysis, sensing and desalination and other areas.