3D printing graphene aerogels – the world\’s lightest material

Yin Set Network Channel News: Recently, the three engineers developed 3D printing material graphene airgel was named \”the most intensive 3D printing structure\” Guinness Book of World Records. It is said that, 3D printing, graphene airgel extremely lightweight, super-elastic, electrically conductive, which means that it can be used to improve the ability of the electronic object and a battery, and weighs 0.5 mg per cubic centimeter, cotton or petals on top all OK. 3D打印石墨烯气凝胶——世界上最轻的材料 Graphene airgel lattice different densities of 3D printing. Right: density of the material at the top of a proof metal. Signs multi-level Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory at Kansas State University. Since the mechanical strength than steel, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity and magnetism unusual, graphene global market since 2010, discovered by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov have been booming. In line with its better power demand for electronic devices, and smart wearable and flexible LED screens and other future technologies. The challenge is difficult to mass production, and retain their identities. With the flexibility of its production method, already used in many ways to unlock the potential of 3D printing to the material. Material extracted from sugar crystals used in laser 3D printing method by the research group led by James M. Tour of Rice University in Texas, and generate graphene foam. 3D打印石墨烯气凝胶——世界上最轻的材料 In the MIT researchers used a mathematical calculation method of the subject structure of graphene, and proposed a 3D gyro as the best shape. In Harbin Institute of Technology it has also been used to produce graphene oxide structure in line with high-strength concrete. 3D打印石墨烯气凝胶——世界上最轻的材料 Kansas State University, Lanzhou University at Buffalo State University, and three researchers to develop a lightweight, graphene airgel record. The methods they use inkjet 3D printing deep freeze. Lin, weeks, developed three-dimensional graphene sheets airgel only 0.5 milligrams per cubic centimeter wt. As shown in media support, which means without bending the fragile object such as a tampon or like petals may support a number of 3D printing material. 3D打印石墨烯气凝胶——世界上最轻的材料 Lam Dong holders will be printed on Kansas State Wildcats logo 3D graphene airgel sample. Next to him on the screen shows 3D graphene airgel Wildcat head on sunflower petalson. 3D printing using specially developed ink-jet method for producing a graphene airgel 3D structure. Inks were prepared by mixing the powder with water deoiling (DI) of graphene oxide (GO). This is charged with two syringe barrel, a droplet ejection. Bed and printing ink chamber researchers have been adjusted to a low temperature environment. When the ink is deposited, DI water freezes, graphene cured into 3D shape. After printing, the structure further twice freezing treatment to bond the particles together. 48 hours after the drying process and the thermal annealing, it is covered with a final 3D airgel. 3D打印石墨烯气凝胶——世界上最轻的材料 3D graphene airgel will make it the \”Guinness Book of World Records\’ 2018 edition. Support research Feng Zhang Lin, Zhou, Zhang and other collaborators of, Sai Pradeep Medarametla and Hui Li may be published in the February 2016 issue of \”mini-magazine\”, Vol. 12, No. 13.