A Novel All elastomeric biomass carbon material of cellulose nanocrystals

With the development of flexible devices and wearable devices, a flexible carbon material by the researchers of national attention, but due to the brittleness of carbon materials, prepared both high compression, high resilience, fatigue, ultrasensitive sensing carbon material great challenges remain. Recently, State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering, South China University of Technology by using chitosan as renewable carbon source, Cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) as a new nanoreinforcement whole biomass elastomeric material a carbon material was prepared [ 123] (FIG. 1). The airgel has not only excellent mechanical properties (high degree of retention of 94% after 50,000 cycles), and has a wide range of linear high sensitivity, has important application value in the pressure sensor, and other wearable electronic devices. Related papers published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Hu Yi Jie for the first author of the paper, the new Zhong Lin, Peng Xinwen common Corresponding author. FIG. 2 shows that a material having a continuous layer structure oriented sheet. When the compressive stress is applied perpendicular to the wave-like layer, since the strain per unit area is small, undulating structure may be subjected to a large geometric distortion, and after the compression force is released immediately resume its original shape (FIG. 1). Under optimal conditions, the materials can withstand cyclic compression of 90%, it showed excellent compressibility under the premise stress retained substantially constant. 50000 and can withstand cyclic compression ring for two months, or 70% compression strain and stress remains substantially constant height, or 50% strain. Further, it may be structurally stable material rebound zirconium beads (FIG. 3). 纤维素纳米晶体制备了一种新型全生物质弹性碳材料 Since the carbon airgel unique lamellar structure, not only the sensitivity of the material is very high, and linearly high sensitivity, wide linear range (0-10 Pa 103,5 kPa-1,0-18 kPa when 27, 2 kPa-1), such that the material has excellent sensing performance (FIG. 4). After assembly into a simple sensor may detect body motion and facial expression changes, such as joint motion, facial expression, pronunciation recognition. In addition, the material may also detect human pulse signal, having important applications in terms of human biological signal sensing pressure. 纤维素纳米晶体制备了一种新型全生物质弹性碳材料