A patent to sell 20 million! How to view Qu Jinping academician patent portfolio?

May 13 morning, Guangdong Star Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. and South China University of complete patent technology transfer contract to super 20,195,400 yuan price bought by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, South China University of Technology professor Qu Jinping invention. \”extensional rheology of a polymer-based delivery methods and apparatus plasticize\” patented technology ( \”the ERE technique\”) , setting the transfer amount Foshan single patent record.

Guangdong Star Technology Co., Ltd. and South China University of Technology signed a contract to complete the patent technology transfer

to analyze this huge amount of patented technology, basic information is as follows: [123 ] proprietary name based on plasticized polymer material transport methods and apparatus of the extensional rheology, application No. CN200810026054.X, filed 2008-01-25, bulletin No. authorized CN100496927C, authorized announcement 2009- 06-10. The patent awarded \”2014 Chinese patent invention gold medal,\” the relevant technology also won the \”2015 Annual National Technology Invention\” technological achievements at home and abroad is a first international leader. The patent can obtain this honor, worth so high, its solid technological breakthroughs and fully comprehensive patent portfolio has a close relationship. From the perspective of distribution, as shown in Figure 1, the patent total of 27 patent families, in addition to China has entered the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada and other 17 countries / regions.


cognate detailed information in Table 1: Table 1 CN200810026054.X patent family\’s information

一套专利卖出2000万!观瞿金平院士如何进行专利布局?​ 一套专利卖出2000万!观瞿金平院士如何进行专利布局?​ From a technical point of view the stretching technique using a polymer material plasticized extrusion rheology control principle, breaking the traditional theory plasticizing screw extruder, to achieve the extensional rheology plays a major role superplasticizer extrusion. Conventional molding polymer material must be conveyed, plasticized melt process, commonly used plasticizing screw conveying device based on shear rheology, the inevitable presence of plasticizing material is strongly dependent on the ability to transport the metal material problems friction material and the friction between the drum surface. Thus usually take solid conveying section of the cartridge slot in the conventional screw machine inTo increase the friction material to the barrel, screw length is increased, the screw structure optimization measures, but these measures in turn results in plastics materials transportation thermomechanical history experienced lengthening, increase energy consumption, bulky equipment and so on . FIG 2 is a schematic view of the conveyor unit plasticizing technology into the blade material from the tray retaining notch, the transport unit is mainly blade plasticizing a hollow cylindrical stator having a lumen, the lumen was placed in the stator 1 and with an eccentric cylindrical rotor stator 2, the blades are arranged uniformly distributed in radial cross-section of rectangular through holes of the rotor 2 in circumferential direction of the rotor 2 two pairs 3, arranged at both sides of the gear rotor 4 and the baffle tray tray 5 etc. composition. The rotor 2 eccentrically mounted in the hollow stator 1, the rotor 2 and the eccentric amount of the stator 1 can be adjusted to a value greater than 0 but less than the radius of the stator and the rotor lumen radius difference, the vane 3 mounted in pairs rectangular radial cross-section through the rotor 2 hole, the inner bottom surface of the two blades contacting each other, contact the inner surface of the outer top surface of the stator. When the rotor 2 rotates counterclockwise, the pair of vanes 3 on the diameter of the rotor 2 since the outer surface of the top inner surface of the stator 1 by the constraint in the radial direction rectangular section of the through hole of the rotor reciprocates, so that the inner surface of the stator 1, the rotor 2 the outer surface of the blade 3, tray 4 and the stopper block tray 5 then the volume of the space surrounded by the small and large changes from large to small periodicity. In the rotor vane 3 gradually move out of the region C 2, from small to large volume; gradually moved into the region of the rotor blade 3 in D 2, from large to small volume. When the volume from small to large can stop the feed tray 4 into the notches on the A polymer material from large volumes hours, the material is milled at the primary normal stress effect, compaction, exhaust, plasticizers, while heating the aid of a plasticized melt from the outside of the stator, by blocking the discharge gap in the discharge tray 5 B. Deformation and material flow through cross-sectional area also periodically changes from large to small and then small to large, the material flow velocity gradient consistent with their deformation and direction, this flow and deformation is mainly governed by normal stress, this can be considered blade plasticizing process is based on extensional rheology of transport. A plurality of conveying blades plasticizing unit stacked in series may be combined to fulfill the blade transport plasticizing extruder, with various blade plasticizing screw extruder unit transport unit or various plunger injection unit can be combined into an extruder or blade plasticizing injection device of an injection machine.

一套专利卖出2000万!观瞿金平院士如何进行专利布局?​ 1- hollow of the stator; 2- cylindrical rotor; 3- blades; 4- stopper A- feed tray cutout; the B-Discharge gap; the C-region C; D- blade plasticizing conveyor unit structure into region D of FIG 2 from the tray block schematic notched material

This method solves the transport screw plasticizing plasticizing capacity mainly depends on the process and material friction problem , compared with the plasticizing screw transportation technology and equipment, the complete transport process plasticizing material and friction between the metal surface of the cartridge experienced shortened thermo-mechanical history, the energy consumption reduced plasticizing transport; plasticizing transport space by a specific shape change in the volume is completed with full positive displacement characteristics, efficiency; plasticizing transport process is completed in a very short thermo-mechanical history , plasticizing respective conveying device smaller in size; plasticizing transport capability is not dependent on the physical properties of the material, to improve the stability of transport plasticization, improved adaptation to the material. The patents cited in the patent amounted to 55 times, it is the foundation of late a large number of patent applications. In addition to this patent, the author also found that a large number of academicians Qu Jinping and layout of patent applications in the direction of this technology, its cooperation with Starlink technology as early as 2015 has already begun, it shows the results of incubation and the transfer of patent the road is not new, breakthrough and long-term engineering practice theory needs. EXTRUDER Academy polymer material plasticized with extensional rheology transportation methods and apparatus related patent applications total of 211, 457 patent. As shown in FIG. 3, which patent application has started in early 2005. 2015 patent applications reached its peak, there are 88 patent applications, technology matures during this period. Then the number of patent applications has decreased, but still maintained a large number of patent applications, in order to maintain the stability and long-term rights. Patent application trend as shown in FIG.

一套专利卖出2000万!观瞿金平院士如何进行专利布局?​ FIG. 3 EXTRUDER Academy extensional rheology of plasticized polymer material transport methods and apparatus related patent application trend
Geographically, as shown in Figure 4 show, 457 patent applications covering 19 countries and regions. In addition to the main layout of patent applications in China, the Qu Yuanshi in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia and other countries are also an important patent layout, laid the foundation for technology related products to the international market.
一套专利卖出2000万!观瞿金平院士如何进行专利布局?​ FIG 4 EXTRUDER Academy extensional rheology of plasticized polymer material transport methods and apparatus related patents distinguishCloth case
In addition to the patent level, the original patent Qu from a technical perspective but also give us some inspiration. Its profile view,

in the eccentric rotor technology most intensive area . Corresponding to the content of the above analysis techniques, the volume of the eccentric rotor is ascending then descending periodically changed key, included in the process of change in the volume of material, compacted, plasticized, in order to further effluent transporting plasticized achieve positive stress, that is the core technology of , and the layout of the distribution of the patent coincide. In addition, from the perspective of a polymer material, differences in rheological properties of materials, targeted for technical applications and layouts are also important aspects. Plastics as a key transport method, as well as various patents mentioned and focus. Mechanical components, production method, the mixing efficiency and other aspects, the gear train, powered drive mechanism and other parameters, blown film, transversely stretching a subsequent process, is also carried out with the corresponding patent application, so that a more comprehensive technical protection.

一套专利卖出2000万!观瞿金平院士如何进行专利布局?​ FIG. 5 EXTRUDER Academy extensional rheology of plasticized polymer material transport methods and apparatus related patents distribution
An important transformation techniques, in theory It made a breakthrough, to methods to improve equipment design, development details, step by step to see a full demonstration and practice. In every aspect of this one, fully comprehensive patent application and layout, closely guarded its own technology, this patent are truly worth it? Or also, worth more than just a patent, but the overall and comprehensive and fully patented technology around the layout techniques.

We collected EXTRUDER Academy extensional rheology of plasticized polymer material transport methods and apparatus related patents all 211 patent disclosure.