About 2020 Chinese New Year Extension Technology Rock delayed start notice

Dear Dear customers and suppliers, and partners: Happy New Year! Special period, safety and health above all else. Given the current epidemic spread ting novel coronavirus pneumonia cases, in response to the party and the government determined to win the epidemic prevention and control requires blocking action to curb the spread of the epidemic of pneumonia momentum diffusion novel coronavirus infection, and actively carry out comprehensive vaccination campaigns, to strengthen the novel coronavirus contracting pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, effectively reducing personnel gathered, blocking the spread of the epidemic, to better protect people\’s lives and health, according to \”people\’s Republic of China emergency Response law,\” \”people\’s Republic of China infectious diseases prevention law\” and Hunan the relevant provisions of the governor Shashi a response mechanism of public health emergencies, notice of the matter as follows: delayed start: rock extension technology was originally scheduled for 2020, January 30 (Year 6) of the tentative start time 2020 at 9:00 on February 9 (Lantern Festival) [as the government has provided the notice]. Good start preparation:

  1. invited departments in accordance with the \”2019 year-end wrap-up meeting\” requirement, at home on their own computer next to the unfinished work of the office last year and Cooperation (if there are special circumstances with the general manager feedback).
  2. for the department staffing necessary ro cover, thermometers and other protective materials, all wear a mask at work, such as cough, fever situation occurs if a doctor immediately, isolation and timely reporting.
  3. should be national requirements, the company staff to carry out health and epidemic prevention education; health and epidemic prevention should carry out safety tests, before staff posts.

Let us unite as one, united! Common battle to win the fight against SARS epidemic! Note: The tasks and the need to complete the work, specific arrangements for tomorrow. Hunan rock Extension Network Technology Co., Ltd. 2020 January 29