AEM: Engineering and more generic HER aerometal pH- and electrocatalytic ORR

Electrocatalytic energy is an important part of the application, the fuel cell oxygen reduction reaction (the ORR), hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) green hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction of the metal-air battery (OER). In order to improve the electrical catalytic properties, the researchers studied a variety of porous materials. Aerogels are a class of porous material can be prepared from the constituent elements of almost any type (such as ceramic, metal oxide, carbon and a polymer), since having a high specific surface area, self-supporting and other advantages, can provide superior catalytic activity and durability, the catalyst is a very promising material. Noble metal airgel (NMAS), a new member of the family airgel, which has excellent conductivity and catalytic activity of the noble metal, there is provided a new idea for the preparation of a high activity and long life design electrocatalyst. Compared with conventional catalysts, NMAS not only provide superior performance in non-metallic or transition metal-based catalyst, but also to provide commercial noble metal-based catalysts, such as Pt / C and Pd / C. However, due to the current limited NMAs synthetic type, electrocatalytic reactions focused on the study of the oxidation of alcohols, and less relevant studies on the OER ORR, lack of systematic research. In addition, in order to meet industrial demand, the catalyst can be electrically stable operation under a common pH value is very much needed. However, NMA- based electrical properties of catalysts are still lacking in a wide pH range, which affected its full and fair assessment of potential in practical applications. For this reason, Dresden University Professor Alexander Eychmüller and Wei Jin and others to develop a salt gel method, by adjusting the metal nanoparticles (NPs) on the basis of ion effect and the interaction between the ion, thereby providing an efficient and reliable manufacturing strategies NMAs having a controlled structure. As used herein points 1 ) by using their strong salting-out agent (i.e., NH 4 F, i.e., induced as a gelling initiator ), prepared airgel composition can be extended to a variety of bi-metal and tri-metal system. Through a fine regulation of the chemical composition of the obtained catalyst ORR performance, but also in the electrocatalytic electrochemical water splitting and also exhibits excellent catalytic performance. 2 ) Airgel having unique electrical noble metal catalytic potential, due to the synergistic effect and the overall porous structure of the airgel, as well as high conductivity and catalytic activity of the noble metal. Au-Pt, and Au-Rh and HER airgel in ORR catalysts electrocatalytic a superior performance in terms of versatility pH (pH = 0-14), exceeds the industrial Pt / C catalyst, and many others based nanoparticles (NP) catalyst. The design work of various high activity catalyst preparation pH universal electricity, the NMA rich library of applications, designed for advanced electrocatalysts for the key energy-related applications (such as electrochemical hydrogen production and fuel cells) open up new avenues. AEM: 工程多金属气凝胶pH‐通用HER和ORR电催化 Reference: Ran Du et al Engineering Multimetallic Aerogels for pH-Universal HER and ORR Electrocatalysis Advanced Energy Materials, 2020.DOI:.. 10.1002 / aenm.201903857https: //