Aerogels and airgel composite What is the difference?

Aerogels and airgel composite What is the difference? You can view related articles:

Aerogels in the end is what what material

Aerogels are??

literally as the former material, the latter products. Airgel composite airgel + is straightforward pass through the composite structure into process airgel composite. Airgel highest performance, poor structure, difficult to use, and therefore developed airgel composites, overall performance and structural advantages, making it easier to use.

In particular distinction xerogels and aerogels

First, both the gel, but the gel complex two states. But the industry airgel, airgel made fail, and that is a dry gel. Gel pieces called normal drying process to obtain a xerogel, because capillary pressure will have a greater volume shrinkage compared dried before solidification will reduce 5% -10% by volume, more convenient to store and transport. Another system since the outer xerogel structure is mainly gas, also called: the original state of the wet gel is a gel. When most of the solvent off between the degree of the gel, the gel in the liquid content much less than the solids content, or gels spatial network structure is filled with a gas medium, the look as a solid, which is the dry curd glue, also known as airgel. Such as gelatin, gum arabic, silicone A., hair, nails and so on. Airgel also has properties of the gel, i.e., having a swelling action, a thixotropic effect, syneresis.

What are the advantages of airgel composites, there is what kind of product and use?

airgel composites have many advantages: 1, long life, more than 20 years without replacement. 2, the lowest thermal conductivity 3, 4 thin and clear, waterproof, easy-to-5 storage, fire performance highest level of security for the A1 level 6, compression and strong enough to withstand rough construction 7, environmental protection, non-toxic and non-corrosive