Aerogels can become anti-fire haze blue blade

\”Under the dome\” Chai Jing triggered a deep concern for the government and for the haze, sounded the clarion call of the whole society mobilization of anti-haze. Each of us have nowhere to escape surrounded haze, the government, businesses, families, individuals, only carry out their duties, fulfill their forces in order to win this battle. The role of Aerogels materials industry of practitioners, to share this with you airgel material might play in the campaign as anti-haze. Airgel is a porous material having a novel nano-network structure having a porosity of 80 to 99.8%, pore size generally between 1 ~ 100nm, a density range of up to 0.12 ~ 600kg / m3, its thermal, optical aspects, electrical, chemical, mechanical, etc. are indicative of magical properties. So how airgel material relationship with the anti-haze it? First, it is the best performance of the airgel super-insulating material. Room temperature thermal conductivity of the airgel can 0.013w / m · k, insulation performance is twice the still air, a conventional Glass wool , etc. insulating material 4 times, ordinary concrete 100 times. When thermal power is applied to the airgel, petrochemical equipment and pipe insulation projects, because the thickness of the insulation material is only a quarter of the traditional insulation materials, significantly reducing the amount of insulation material, the heat dissipation area of ​​the outer surface of the insulation material substantially reduced, thereby saving can play 30 to 50% of the significant effect than conventional materials. Such energy efficiency will be significantly improved, it is possible to reduce the consumption of coal combustion, and thus reduce the PM2.5 coal combustion emissions. This is a higher proportion of thermal power in the northwest, north and central heating in winter needs of the majority of the northern region to reduce haze significance is evident in the iron and steel metallurgy, cement and ceramics industry, high energy consumption of energy-saving effect is very significant nature. When airgel insulation material used in high-speed rail motor vehicles, ships, cars and other vehicles, not only can significantly reduce the space occupied, also significantly reduce air conditioning energy costs, reduce PM2.5 emissions indirectly contribute. When the airgel material is applied Building insulation , the air conditioner can be achieved even without turning, cool \”passive house\”, power consumption is almost zero. The total energy consumption has been a long time building energy consumption up to 30%. Secondly, airgel or catalytic materials of great future. Another domestic haze of DayuanFierce automobile exhaust, exhaust the degree of harm depends mainly on oil and catalytic exhaust gas combustion device of the engine. The process of refining gasoline in catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming is the most important core areas. Airgel material having a nanoporous structure and adjustable pore size, specific surface area up to 1000 ~ 2000m2 / g, and can use different components, silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, vanadium oxide, carbon, and premium gasoline in the refinery and automotive exhaust gas treatment has a very great prospect. Again, airgel in the future there may be huge applications in the field of energy storage. Currently carbon airgel and graphene aerogels in the field of super capacitors, lithium-ion battery electrodes is becoming a hot topic aerogels, once industrial applications, will push forward the development of China\’s new energy. In addition, the current holding of new energy vehicles battery is also extensive use of airgel material. Sky blue, green, clear water, and, this is the common desire of all of us. Under the dome, aerogels can become anti-fire haze blue blade? Our new materials practitioners, especially practitioners airgel material responsibility.