Aerogels glass lighting features introduced

Insulation properties – airgel lighting glass thermal performance 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 Thermal stability of the properties of aerogels lighting glass, the mounting angle is not affected 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 Energy Simulation – different types of window glazing integer value U [123 ] Optics, Window7.6, RESFEN6 developed by the Lawrence Berkeley national Laboratory specialized computing doors and windows and curtain wall thermal performance software. Simulation of the United States in Boston atypical climate file, building type as an ordinary 2-storey house, the windows of which the total area accounting for 42% of floor area, 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 simulation results

气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 [ 123] 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 using the sunlight – airgel glass light rays help achieve more uniform performance testing and comparison of the different types of glass WAN more uniform room lighting 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 ordinary glass and gas condensate plastic glass indoor lighting lighting effect simulates 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 气凝胶采光玻璃特性介绍 airgel can bring more uniform lighting glass indoor light, passing through the glass chamber is more uniform solar heat radiation.