Aerogels in-depth study of the field of application of the building, will open up new market prospects

Airgel is the world\’s lightest solid, has low thermal conductivity, low density, low index of refraction, absorption, low sound velocity and excellent performance, the first to be used in aerospace and military fields, because some of the characteristics of aerogels , making it the space exploration irreplaceable materials, the Russian \”peace\” space station and the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe will use it for insulation. As the aerogels in-depth applied research in the field of architecture, airgel new building materials gradually become high-performance materials, \”the construction sector the most promising\” of.

Aerogels mainly in the construction sector to play its advantages in four areas:

  1. airgel material has a very low thermal conductivity, various types of flexible airgel new building materials used in exterior wall , roofs and windows, etc., can effectively reduce building energy consumption.
  2. airgel material having a low sound velocity, strong adsorption can also be used so that the building insulation, air purification.
  3. flame-retardant or non-flammable airgel material for new construction, renovation of buildings, to protect the building against unexpected disasters such as fire damage.
  4. airgel new building materials having the characteristics of light weight, can replace the traditional thick insulation materials, the use of the construction of the airgel material can be greatly expanded living area.

airgel thin insulation coating

airgel insulation coating is a thin layer of ultra-high reflection and radiation barrier and the principle of three ways, the use of nanotechnology thermal insulation materials and nano-prepared aqueous heat reflective material, airgel insulation coatings and aqueous based rust preventive primer, three different functional integrity of the system, the overall synergy play, play buildings, waterproofing and decorative coat function to place thin coatings thick insulation board.

FIG sheet structure analysis

Aluminum airgel insulation board

airgel insulation airgel aqueous aluminum panel is a layer of insulation material is sprayed on the surface of the aluminum plate, by flash drying, the composite sheet having a decoration, insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation function. Engineering can be applied to interior, exterior facade engineering works hyperbolic, ceilings and other scenes, excellent performance of products is widely recognized, the condensate SCIENCE subsidiary male member new AP has been invited to \”thin aluminum veneer body insulation \”standard.

Application of aluminum panel in exterior walls

airgel foam concrete

airgel foam concrete infiltrated airgel foam concrete, foam concrete filling to reduce the weight and stomatal aperture, prepared low density, low thermal conductivity foam concrete, the wall thickness can be further thinned in the equivalent resistance based on the overall efficiency is generated. Shenzhen Xinan Ke large condensate Technology Laboratory of the prepared three yuan airgel foam concrete having optimum ratios, and its thermal conductivity is 50% lower than the density of conventional regular foam concrete. This product can be widely used in the green and near-zero-energy buildings.

airgel foam concrete

airgel high performance thermal insulation

Aerogels are high performance thermal insulation airgel particles dispersed in the plaster mortar or lime mortar, the airgel containing insulation mortar for the construction while providing the aesthetic and performance benefits, and having low thermal conductivity than the expanded polystyrene board (EPS board). Aerogels and mortar mixing produces a non-combustible light material, instead of the flame retardant harmful to the environment. 气凝胶在建筑领域应用的深入研究,将开拓新的市场前景 in foreign countries, the construction sector has been the extension application airgel in rock, trying to make airgel into our lives.