Aerogels in the construction sector will be promising

– Interview with Shanghai Tongji University Professor Ni Xing Yuan \” Aerogels \” the frequency of the term appeared in recent years increasing people\’s awareness aerogels are deepening. From its ignorant to gradually recognize its superiority, the strategy emphasizes the role of new materials, especially in the \”Thirteen Five\” plan, the airgel is to become the focus of the advanced new materials. At present, China airgel research work focused on the Boer Institute of Solid State Physics, Tongji University, National University of Defense Technology, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and so on. At the same time, professional degree in the field of scientific research airgel Chinese universities as well as domestic enterprises in the technical ability to explore the airgel reduce manufacturing costs continue to strengthen, and began to enter the world\’s advanced level, ranks among the advanced. Reporters fortunate to interview Tongji University Professor Ni Xing Yuan, asked him to say something about the progress of Tongji University as well as our aerogels and airgel talked about the situation in the field of building materials application architecture. Tongji help airgel field development in 1931, Stanford University Kistler aerogels prepared by the hydrolysis of sodium silicate get through, but because production costs are too high and do not get people\’s attention. In the 1980s, some physicists in Europe began to study this new material in 1985, the University of Wuerzburg in Germany Physics organized the first session of the \”International Symposium on airgel.\” The early 1990s, the United States resumed the study of the airgel. Tongji University, also in the 1990s began work on aerogels, it can be said that the first group of research institutes to study aerogels in China. Aerogels are composed of more than 90% of air and less than 10% solids, is one of the smallest airgel density of solids, a density of only 3 kilograms per cubic meter. Nanoporous airgel special network structure and exhibit very much excellent physical and chemical properties and functions. Ni Xing Yuan said:. \”We Institute of Solid State Physics, Tongji University is the first application on the physical properties of aerogels cut began research of current research on the use of airgel function mostly on the physical extension of the current function of Tongji University Research focused on the function of the airgel thermal aspects, aspects of optics, electrical aspects, acoustics and mechanical (such as explosion, impact), but also a number of studies on chemical adsorption. \”from the material aspect is concerned, IHave studied the broad, we studied aerogels are inorganic, organic airgel and airgel composite, but the most common is silicon airgel, as well as carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and so on, most of Tongji University in these areas have been covered. \”In the earliest applications of airgel is widely used in aerospace and military fields, because some of the features airgel, making it a space exploration irreplaceable materials, the Russian\” Peace \”space station and the United States\” Mars probe Road by \”detector is used to insulate it. in addition to the current field of aerospace, aerogels can be widely used in many fields of military, petrochemical, power, metallurgical, construction, and clothing, particularly as a traditional insulation material is an important alternative. insulation hotspot airgel is developed, when the airgel is subjected to more than 1,000 degrees Celsius front flame spraying, can still touch the rear surface. this is due to the airgel thermal conductivity and very low refractive index of the characteristics of the decision, which is the number of times the insulation capacity even better than the best glass fiber. aerogels promote awareness should be changed to reduce the cost of Tongji University, is currently being studied airgel applications in the construction field, Ni Xing yuan said: \”the application of airgel in the construction field is an extension of our research and development in its thermal aspects. The earliest studies Tongji University in airgel thermal aspects in the application of multi-military field, and later began to extend to building materials construction, function is mainly reflected in the insulation, thermal insulation. Began to study in the field of building materials is not deep enough, after Tongji University and enterprises, research and research integration, the application of airgel field of building materials began gradually in-depth, research and development of airgel composite thermal insulation mat the preparation of large-scale production and application. \”Ni Xing Yuan said that currently China has many companies engaged in research and development airgel promotion, but the application of airgel in the field of building materials have not been widely promoted. The main reason is that, compared with the existing insulation materials, gas gel felt relatively high prices in the construction sector so if no special requirements, building designers and developers generally do not think about the use of airgel insulation material felt as a response to this problem, NI Xing-yuan told reporters:.. \”this It requires help designers and developers building fully aware of the advantages of airgel. Compared with other insulation materials, airgel has the comprehensive advantages of other materials can not match. \”gasCompared with other conventional gel felt insulation materials, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties than other materials, and in the same environmental conditions, the better the insulation performance, thermal or significantly reduce the insulation energy consumption; from the building structure, airgel mat will be more light, can be extended a great deal of space on the floor area of ​​the building, and because the product is relatively light, the construction process can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building concerns. At the same time, airgel composite products is still noise, fire, moisture and other areas have their own excellent performance. Comprehensive terms, airgel composite products cost much higher than other insulation materials. Ni Xing Yuan pointed out that currently in the design and construction development of the building, awareness of the airgel composite products is not enough, the next step in the field of building materials to strengthen the promotion of their work. Ni Xing Yuan said: \”Of course, from the airgel production enterprises, to consider further reduce its production costs, tapping the potential of reducing the cost of raw materials and the production of airgel composite airgel adjustment of the production process if another airgel products. formed a considerable scale of production, then it will further reduce production costs. strengthen awareness and reduce product costs after the airgel will be relatively large-scale applications in the construction sector. \”lift the China green building Materials industry Alliance gas condensate innovative glue application promotion center, NI Xing yuan said it was very good. He said: \”It would be a good organization, hoping to play a very important role in the promotion of airgel in the construction field application, and strive to research institutions, enterprises, applications have organized together jointly explore countermeasures to the existing problems, advancing airgel wide range of applications and technology innovation in the construction sector. \”