Aerogels Industry Review 2017

Aerogels In recent years, the material is also very hot! But on the market, it still has a long way to go. 2017 is over, we\’ll review some of the events happening airgel industry! Also look at the market forecast 2018 airgel! Aerogels are the world\’s smallest density, pore size of nanoscale solid variety, mainly silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and the like. Was first prepared by the American scientists Kistler in 1931, nearly 10 years to start large-scale production. Yin Nami airgel porous network structure, high porosity of 80 to 99.8%, the thermal conductivity at room temperature can be as low 0.013w / (m? K), is by far the best performance insulating materials, aerospace, petrochemical, power metallurgy, shipbuilding vehicles, precision instruments, fridge freezer, clothing tents, building energy and other fields have broad application prospects, is a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials. But airgel materials currently occupy the spire of the whole pyramid model of thermal insulation materials market, the current size of the entire thermal insulation materials market is almost negligible, in this regard that airgel industry is still in its early infancy, but also heralded its future huge space for development. 2017 later, we look back at 2017 airgel industry today there have been some big deal: 1. airgel material included in the national focus on low-carbon energy technology promotion directory to implement the \”Thirteen Five\” plan \”outline\” and \”\” thirteen five \”work program to control greenhouse gas emissions,\” the relevant requirements, accelerate the popularization and application of low-carbon technologies, promote action to achieve our objectives to control greenhouse gases, the national Development and Reform Commission in August 2014, December 2015 and 2017 in January have been released three Pipi \”national focus on the promotion of low-carbon technologies directory\” in the January 6, 2017 issued a \”national key low-carbon energy technologies to promote the directory (2016 to the present, energy section),\” airgel chant listed as national key low-carbon energy technologies to promote the directory. 2. airgel insulation material with tianzhou 1 once again embarked on a journey into space in April 2017 April 20, 2017, tianzhou 1 cargo ship with Long March 7 in the textChang spaceport launch, April 22 successful rendezvous and docking with the Temple II. Following the launch of the Long March V mission provides effective thermal insulation means for the rocket fuel gas piping system, airgel insulation material in tianzhou 1 as a protective coat cold locker, once again full of airgel superb insulation properties of the material. 3. The industrial production of airgel insulation pipe for oil field production needs Shengli oilfield, Shengli Oilfield Engineering Institute of Technology developed the hydrophobic titanium silicon composite mat reinforced airgel insulation material to improve the barrier material at a high temperature hydrophobic properties and thermal properties; Study formed airgel insulation pipe insulation structure, reducing the dependence on the degree of vacuum insulated pipe of life greatly improved thermal insulation, aerogels to fill the gap in the field of wellbore insulation , supporting the formation of airgel insulation pipe production technology, and in the country for the first time the industrial production of airgel insulation tube. 4. Nano airgel composite another warm Era of new materials SNAFEL? Airgel nano research team independently developed SNAFEL? Airgel nano-composite material, the thickness of only 2mm, SNAFEL? Intercity Ranger series of nano gas condensate plastic warm jacket, and 40mm down jacket with the same insulating effect can be bloated farewell winter, thinner, and more slim, more dexterous activity. In liquid nitrogen to minus 173 ℃ injection of the test, the internal temperature can be maintained at the paragraph jacket around 28 ℃, while wearing temperature at 20 ℃, is still able to maintain a comfortable somatosensory without overheating. 5. A cellulose airgel film Zhang Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of TF prepared high safety lithium ion battery to the largest nature reserves cellulose as raw materials, the new green \”ionic liquid\” solvent, We developed a simple method by modulating reproduction preparation process transparent, flexible, cellulose airgel having an adjustable pore structure and high porosity of three-dimensional. Based on this work, they use the latest three-dimensional pore structure of the airgel a lithium ion transmission channel, successfully applied to the cellulose airgel film lithium ion battery. 6. graphene airgel, 3D printing materials Guinness record! Kansas State University, Lanzhou University at Buffalo State University, and three researchers collaborate to develop a 3D printing graphene airgel, is the Guinness Book of WorldRecords as \”the most intensive 3D printing architecture.\” Weight of such graphene airgel extremely light, weighing only 0.5 mg per cubic centimeter, cotton or petals on top can, and good flexibility, may be electrically conductive. 7. October 14, 2017 airgel national standards officially released Standardization Administration of China announced on October 14, airgel national standard: \”GB / T34336-2017 nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\” released. The standard on September 1, 2018 implementation. It is reported that this is China\’s first national standards airgel material aspects. 8. \”ultra-light airgel nano-silver\” a new low-density foam metal Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have developed a new type of low-density called \”ultra-light airgel nano-silver\” in metal foam, the minimum density of only 4 times that of air, having excellent mechanical and electrical properties, the development of electronic materials is expected to drive, energy storage, the catalyst support progress in the industry, fuel cells, sensors and medical equipment. 9. graphene airgel made important progress in the field of Qingdao University professor Liu Jing and the right team of young teachers and master\’s degree graduates Li Chen Wei Jiang Degang made significant progress in the field of graphene airgel. They developed any shape airgel super rebound and application of the results in the field of wearable devices such as the \”Superelasticand Arbitrary-Shaped Graphene Aerogels with SacrifcialSkeleton of Melamine Foamfor Varied Applications\” published in AdvancedFunctio nalMaterials. Big event in 2017 airgel comprehensive view of the industry, promote the use of the market is still very little; but this does not mean there is no market airgel, airgel is currently the main factors restricting the marketing – the cost of production, is also be overcome research, combined with the insulation the introduction of new environmentally friendly materials policies on industry, airgel future market opportunity is still very large! Airgel material is an ideal substitute for heat insulating material, andLess expensive compared to other insulation materials and readily available, which is driving the demand for this material in a variety of end-user applications and industries. Growing globalization and urbanization has led to the development of infrastructure in developed and developing countries, which is another key factor driving global airgel market growth. Because of its light diffusion, thermal insulation and high-performance surface area, silica airgel increasing demand in construction applications, which promote the growth of the global airgel market. In addition, the material progress and innovation, applications and improve efficiency awareness aerogels in new application areas is expected to promote the growth of the global airgel market in the forecast period. A major and growing trend of the market is to increase awareness of global warming and a growing need in the field of architecture, insulation and sheet metal particularly in developing countries use more environmentally friendly and efficient. Moreover, aerogels are used as thickening and leakage of the chemical absorbent to remove the chemicals. New applications, strong innovation and technological progress in developing countries, more robust durability airgel development and the growing transportation needs of the industry, is expected for the global airgel market participants to create high potential revenue opportunities . announced the release of its recently completed study report, entitled \”Application global airgel market (oil and gas, construction, automotive and aerospace, health care, high-performance coatings, chemicals, electronics and other), shape, type, technology type and region – global forecast to 2026 \”, detailed the division of covering all aspects of the target market, and provides an overall view of the global airgel market. Reported that in 2016 the global airgel market value of $ 512.9 million, 2017 – The following cases 31.8% compound annual growth rate in 2026 is expected in 2026 will reach the global airgel market value of $ 8,083,700,000. Market Report has been divided according to the application, type and region. Applications include oil and gas, construction, automotive and aerospace, health care, high-performance coatings, chemicals, electronics and other products. Dividing type comprising silica, carbon, alumina, and others. Analysis of the area covered include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. By Application: construction sector is expected compound annual growth rate of over 33.7%, so the application in the field of building collarDomain earnings accounted for the highest share. According to the shape: airgel blanket is expected to compound annual growth rate of 32.3%, so the product form the blanket accounted for the highest share of the proceeds. Category: Carbon materials are expected CAGR of over 32.8%, so accounting for the highest share in all revenue categories. According to the process: prefabrication expected compound annual growth rate of over 32.4%, so accounting for the highest revenue share in the field of technology. By region: Europe accounts for 2016, the highest revenue share of the global airgel market is expected 2017–2022 year compound annual growth rate of more than 32.7%. In short, the future of the airgel market can still look forward to!