Aerospace Design Institute of Yangquan airgel new materials research and development center officially opened

August 26, Yangquan airgel aerospace institute new materials research and development center was inaugurated, seven homes deputy party secretary, general manager Li Zhiguo, aerospace and Design Institute party secretary and chairman Ma Xiangdong, deputy party secretary, president and other leaders and Yu Fei Yangquan City Standing Committee, the city government and deputy party secretary, deputy mayor Huang Haitao, thick suburbs Party secretary Wang Ming, deputy secretary, mayor Ning Wenxin and other Yangquan municipal, suburban district leadership and invited guests attended the event. The 航天设计院阳泉气凝胶新材料研发中心正式落成 inauguration ceremony Wang Zhiguo thick and has made a keynote speech, Huang Haitao announced the R & D Center was officially inaugurated, followed by leaders of both sides together for the Aerospace Institute of Yangquan aerospace materials technology company unveiled the exhibition hall and visit the park and felt airgel production line. 航天设计院阳泉气凝胶新材料研发中心正式落成