Aerospace overcome metamaterial concept of airgel is expected to take off

Thickness Aerogels plate, front 1300 ℃ subjected to less than one centimeter flame spray, can still touch the rear surface, with the face to; on its petals, flowers will not overwhelm; James after Sheung Shui, but also like waterproof lotus leaf. This is called \”change the world of magical material\”, and now they plant more than 20 kilometers away from Yingde urban areas at the scale of production. Alison its factory in Guangdong high-tech Co., Ltd., it is being hailed as the Qingyuan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ge Changwei hidden in the valley of the \”Golden Phoenix.\” According to media reports, at present, the company ALISON airgel materials production capacity can reach 200 million yuan, is the first, the world\’s second large-scale production can airgel materials company, is the world\’s second large-scale industrialization aerogels and airgel production line with the capacity of leader insulation materials, airgel material production to fill the gaps of China\’s own industry, the situation of China to break international monopoly airgel material is supplied. Airgel, also known as gum air, solid smoke or blue smoke, is a kind of nanoscale porous super thermal insulation material, is the traditional aerospace, military, petrochemical, power, metallurgy, construction, clothing and other fields insulation materials revolutionary alternative, called \”change the world of magical material\” was included in the national strategic emerging industries. Airgel seemingly \”fragile\”, in fact, very durable. It can withstand thousands of times corresponding to the pressure of its own mass, not melt until the temperature reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. In addition to its low thermal conductivity and the refractive index, but also the insulating capacity of 39 times stronger than the best glass fibers. Due to possess these characteristics, airgel space exploration has become irreplaceable material, the Russian \”Peace\” space station and the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe will use it for insulation. Insiders said a long time, our country airgel research and development mainly focused on high value-added aerospace, medicine and other fields is still a blank. Airgel domestic R & D and production is mainly concentrated in Zhejiang University, Central South University, Tongji University, National University of Defense Technology, Shaoxing Nano Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., Guangdong Alison tech Co., Ltd. and so on. EU airgel in a special report released in 2010 predicted: in 2050, airgel will be like today\’s plastic products as widely used. Some analysts pointed out that aerogels are known the world\’s lightest solid material, because of its very low thermal conductivityNumber, durable, high temperature resistant, explosion-proof characteristics, has broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, defense industry, green building, new energy, environmental management, solar thermal utilization. United States, Germany, France, Japan and other advanced industrial countries have invested heavily in research and development. With the advent of new materials, airgel industry is in a boom period, the market outlook is optimistic about the industry, stocks involved in related fields such as Insigma, Lu Yang energy-saving, Yuxing shares worth focusing on.