Airgel aerosol

Long ago, some experts doubt the new crown by aerosol virus can infect, but there has been no evidence. Because droplet infection, only when the patient sneezes, you will not happen to be infected in the next few meters, if it is spread by respiratory viruses, that have to be patient and long-term close contact with possible strokes. Therefore, through droplet infection diseases, in fact, quite hard. Contact infection is more difficult, especially in the human society has defensive situation. So droplet infection and contact infection can not explain the phenomenon of large-scale epidemic of the virus, it can not explain why some people just train passing Wuhan was infected, but can not explain go out for a walk will also be infected. But if spread by aerosol, that ordinary people infected with the virus much easier. To confirm this new virus can not be by aerosol, it is a very important thing, requires a very large number of experiments to prove time-consuming, and difficult to directly determine the expected epidemic prevention and planning for the future. novel coronavirus can be spread by aerosol, we must not granted, must be vigilant!

What is an aerosol?

\”Aerosol\” is similar to the dispersion of smoke gas, usually air, may be stably suspended in the material, it can be called an aerosol. For example: burning cigarette smoke emitted is a typical aerosol, although belonging to the settlement soon heavy aerosol, but in a confined environment, especially the elevator, the smell of smoke could continue after twelve hours remain. The characteristic smell of smoke for a long time suspended in the air, the very image of the ability of the virus expressing suspended in the air. 气凝胶与气溶胶

novel coronavirus aerosol how to spread?

droplet size of the core containing the novel virus crown in the submicron to micron range, with a particle size similar to the burning of tobacco. Thus, droplet nuclei may be suspended in the air for a long time, and to drift far fueled turbulence in the air. The droplet nuclei coronavirus protein membrane with a protective shell, can remain active for a long period of time. If inhaled person, it may lead to novel coronavirus infection.

airborne aerosol and the difference between

airborne aerosol belongs,But not necessarily airborne aerosols. Because the ability to communicate aerosol too, was picked out in airborne, as a single.

back no airgel pot!

\”airgel\” and \”Aerosol\” are two entirely different species. Aerogels is a sponge-like solid nano-materials, the US \”Science\” magazine will be included in one of the airgel nineties 10 important scientific progress. airgel has excellent thermal insulation, green fire, noise reduction, energy and other shock absorbing properties, has been used in the aerospace, defense industry, building energy, transportation energy saving, industrial pipes, outdoor protection and other fields. 气凝胶与气溶胶