Airgel blocks

nano-silica aerogels properties:

1, exceptional thermal insulation properties 2, 3 excellent adsorption performance, highly porous structure 4, 5 highly hydrophobic properties, good transmittance 6, 7 low density, excellent sound insulation 8, 9 good flame retardant effect, green, non-toxic, non-corrosive, does not contain any harmful substances

application of nano silica aerogels: with to the insert, the filling layer and a composite layer of a functional configuration of the insulation, air purification, water and the like.

Thermal conductivity: 0.012-0.015W / m · K Density: 70-200kg / m 3 Hydrophobic: superhydrophobic maximum temperature: 210 deg.] C

airgel properties

  • high porosity, up to 99.8%;
  • three-dimensional nanoscale pores and matrix particle;
  • high surface area;
  • very low density ;
  • airgel determine its unique structure having a low thermal conductivity at room temperature can be as low as 0.013W / (m K?); low
  • strength, brittleness, because of its large specific surface area and porosity, low density, resulting in low strength.

Performance Parameters

  • Density 12.5-18
  • The specific surface area 1400-1630
  • Porosity 95-98%
  • 7- aperture 14nm
  • pore volume 3.5ml / g
  • Thermal conductivity <0.018

hydrophobic: two kinds of hydrophobic and hydrophilic 气凝胶块体 气凝胶块体