Airgel board

airgel plate is silica Aerogels as the main raw material, through high-tech composite process. Airgel is a nano rigid board insulation panels can be used in construction, machinery, equipment, and other fields, the maximum extent possible to meet different customer of the insulation layer insulation thickness, temperature and strength of requirements. For medium, high temperature airgel insulation plate is incubated over-temperature mechanical industries heat insulating material member, so that the device is one of the preferred energy efficient insulation material. Features superior advantages of airgel plate 1, heat insulation performance, heat insulating performance 3-8 times that of traditional materials, greatly reducing the insulation thickness, stable performance and long life. 2, a high-performance fire safety index, flame-resistant, does not burn, smoke generation, good resistance to flame burn-through performance. 3, good physical properties, good resistance to mechanical breaking properties. 4, construction convenient, it can also be processed into ordinary cutting tools for complex parts and high temperature insulation tight spaces desired shape; shorten working hours, significantly reduced manpower requirements. 气凝胶板 airgel plate