Airgel cloth

气凝胶布 气凝胶布

airgel distribution characteristics:

by a silica airgel and cotton / textile and composite yarn, the composite surface may be of different product lines and the like functional material.

airgel cloth product attributes:

Thermal conductivity: 0.012-0.020W / m · K Density: 120-220kg / m 3 Hydrophobic: superhydrophobic temperature: -100 to 210 ℃ packing: package weight: 15,35,60,90 of equal width: 1500mm, custom large acceptance

Application airgel cloth art:

airgel protective cloth mainly used for outdoor articles, such as windbreaker, warm clothing, warm pants, shoes, socks, insoles, stockings; outdoor tents, sleeping bags, insulation Cup.