\”Airgel composite glass\” standard seminar held in Changsha, Hunan organization

July 25, 2017, China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association organized and held in Changsha, Hunan. \” Aerogels composite glass\” standard seminar. Leadership meeting was attended by Vice President of China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, president of Silicon Symbol Technologies Inc. Chengdu Li Buchun, assistant president Li will, the leadership of hollow glass Professional Committee, experts and invited representatives and other 25 people. Conference co-organized by the Hunan Yi-feng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Director of the Secretariat of hollow glass professional committee chaired Dingxiao Chang. 《气凝胶复合玻璃》标准讨论会在湖南长沙组织召开 President Assistant Li will be the first to speak. Co-organizer and participants thanked the delegates and noted that from April last year the original film tablet market, and prices rose sharply, which is advantageous for deep-processing enterprises and disadvantages. With the support of relevant national policies, deep processing of glass there is a great market space, especially the application of the transformation of existing buildings. Processed glass products do not simply follow the developed countries, to strengthen the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, improve core competitiveness, research and development efforts to produce world-class products. Yi Feng in the company\’s airgel laminated glass applications has been at the forefront of the world, to have a say in the industry. He said China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, the organization has developed many standards, the experts are the industry leader, I believe we will be able to work out a complete \”airgel composite glass\” standard, the industry\’s leading health practices development of. Hunan Yi Feng, general manager of the New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. on behalf of Mr Liu Yang co-organizer, First Glass Association held a \”airgel composite glass\” standard in Changsha seminar a warm welcome and thanks. As the aerogels most amazing material of the 21st century, has broad market prospects, there are one hundred billion market size. Yi Feng companies relying on Central South University, focused on the research and development of aerogels and large-scale industrialization. The company plans to market financing, for the first half of next year to achieve airgel production lines. For the community energy saving, green and environmental protection to contribute. Associate Professor of Central South University, Lu Bin first aerogels and airgel composite of glass for a detailed description, so that people airgel composite glass This new building materials have a more in-depth, comprehensive understanding of standards and then read one by one, the participants literally one by one expert to discuss, made many valuable comments and suggestions. After a day of discussions, the successful completion of the standard modification.Conference participants also organized experts to visit the project site airgel composite glass applications, viewing and analysis and practical difference between conventional insulating glass. At the end of the meeting, the President Assistant Li conference will be summarized and made arrangements for future work, the drafters of the required standard, in accordance with the requirements of the conference discussion paper as soon as possible to complete the modification, the Association once again organized choose standard seminars, as soon as possible preparation of standard, lead a healthy development of the industry.