Airgel energy-saving glass

Currently, resource conservation, environmental protection has become a core issue of concern to the government and people\’s livelihood, their grim situation becoming increasingly prominent. The construction industry as a pillar industry of the national economy, but also the industry chain resource consumption aggregate industry, construction energy consumption accounts for about 50% of the total social energy consumption, energy conservation is an important area of ​​our country, windows and doors, curtain wall around weak parts of the retaining structure of the heat loss, accounting for 40% to 60% of the energy consumption of the entire structure of the building envelope, so important for energy-saving glass study . China\’s building energy conservation from the beginning of the 1980s, is divided into three stages, 1 for China\’s building energy efficiency roadmap. Airgel energy-saving glass as the glass technology has great potential for development, with a number of excellent performance, is recognized as the best solution for the world\’s energy-efficient doors and windows.

of EEB Roadmap

airgel, also referred to as solid air, is the world\’s lightest known solid material, is a superior performance insulation materials, and high temperature, explosion-proof characteristics, widely used in aerospace, defense and military fields . With the continuous development of science and technology, airgel material costs decreased, it gradually applied to the field of green building, such as airgel energy-saving glass, airgel new sheet metal. Aerogels saving glass usually Si0 2 airgel as a raw material, due to its high porosity, and its basic structure and particle size in the nanoscale pores, so that it has very unique properties, with the increase of the porosity, thermal conductivity and the sound propagation speed is very low, which can effectively improve the thermal and acoustic insulation effect of the external envelope, but also significantly increased the visible light transmittance, such as glass 25mm thick airgel energy the heat transfer coefficient is only 2/5 of considerable thickness double glazing, while maintaining the light transmittance of 45%, a total solar light transmittance was 43%. 气凝胶节能玻璃 气凝胶节能玻璃 Compared with ordinary glass saving, energy-saving glass airgel addition to good energy saving effect, but also has other various excellent characteristics, such as thermal insulation, noise reduction, wind pressure, no cold blew hidden, anti-explosion, fire, light transmission, anti-condensation, life expectancy up to 30 years, etc. Figure 3 is a main feature of airgel energy-saving glass. airgel by two glass-saving glass, filling the intervening airgel to form a \”sandwich\” structure,Having good thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire and other properties. Airgel energy-saving glass can be used for high energy requirements of the building, and can replace high-rise building glass curtain wall in general, greatly reduce the weight of buildings, and play the role of fire. Practice has proved that a layer of glass between two layers of airgel energy ordinary glass holder so that the heat transfer coefficient from 3W / m 2 · K down to 0.5W / m 2 [123 ] · K. In addition, energy-saving glass airgel slower than the speed of sound are all inorganic material. And the propagation velocity of sound in the metal of an ordinary glass 500m / s, while only 100 ~ 120m / s airgel saving glass, is a very good soundproofing material. Further, since the airgel is to use ultra-saving glass transparent airgel particles as a medium to achieve its high thermal insulation properties and excellent noise insulation and the like, when sunlight passes through the glass airgel super energy-saving, since the transparent gas condensate refraction rubber particles, showing diffuse scattering effect of light, avoiding the direct effect of sunlight in order to achieve a comfortable indoor light environment. Table 1 airgel main performance parameters. Table 1 Airgel main parameters

Thermal conductivity

only 0.02W at 25 ℃, under 1atm / (m · k ), lower than the air


0.07 ~ 0.25g / cm

pore size

1 ~ 100nm

the speed of sound

100 ~ 120m / s

resistance thermal properties

1300 deg.] C

fire resistance

A1-fire (the highest flammability rating)

refractive index

1.015 ~ 1.055

pore size

10 ~ 20nm

The silica content



the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Japan and a few other countries in a transparent airgel new materials technology at the leading level in recent years, domestic universities and companies through large-size transparent airgel full-scale production of complete sets of technology and equipment for preparing transparent airgel technology and large-scale research and development made great progress in terms of energy-saving glass aerogels research, and initially with industrial conditions. At present the main products are energy-saving glass airgel airgel airgel daylighting glass and transparent glass two kinds. Wherein the glass has excellent light airgel lighting effects, natural light can be evenly distributed throughout the interface, and has excellent performance of thermal insulation, fire and explosion, the noise reduction. Airgel has airgel transparent glass while lighting most of excellent properties of the glass to meet good light transmission.

At present, Hunan rock Tinto has completely mastered the technique of preparation of airgel glass, it has been applied to art galleries, villas, military and other ranks. Airgel Application and Research in the field of building energy ripe, because the airgel preparation process is complicated such that it slightly higher cost, thus reducing the cost of airgel and airgel large energy-saving glass affects its development becomes as a key high-performance translucent insulation materials in the field of building energy-efficient large-scale application lies.