Airgel felt embodied in the pipe insulation applications worth

In the pipe insulation insulation engineering, depending on design specifications and cost estimates may be selected pipe insulation cotton more conventional insulating material has glass wool [ 123], rockwool , aluminum silicate, expanded perlite and the like, and the present latest efficient insulation material – aerogels for pipe insulation to the felt that is of great economic significance. An exhaustive analysis of the value reflected in the airgel felt pipeline applications. 1.) insulation effect. Is well known, the effect of thermal insulation material, the thermal conductivity of the first look product comparison chart below shows the thermal conductivity of the airgel mat, and traditional insulation materials. airgel insulation material with a thermal conductivity of conventional comparison chart we can see from the diagram above, either at room temperature or high temperatures, very good performance of the thermal conductivity of the airgel. Temperature rise step, the thermal conductivity of the airgel has been the rise was slow, but other insulation materials was tested formula steep rise, indicating that as the temperature continues to rise, a small increase in the thermal conductivity of the airgel insulation performance with increasing temperature performance is relatively stable. Other insulation materials as the temperature increases, the thermal conductivity of the insulation effect means straight up performance plummet. 2.) hydrophobic. Complex environments pipe insulation, insulation indoor, outdoor insulation, as well as buried pipe insulation, pipe insulation with respect to the indoor and outdoor, buried pipe insulation felt as applied airgel insulation material but also underscores the extraordinary airgel place. First, a hydrophobic airgel, allowing water pipe insulation to eliminate the moisture caused because the insulation performance insulation to reduce (tax rate will reduce the insulation layer insulation effect). In addition there is a very hydrophobic important role is to prevent condensation caused by temperature difference. A second, porous, allowing moisture in the form of steam is discharged outside, heat retaining layer is dried. As the inorganic fibers characteristic of the conventional anti-corrosion, fire and the like, are fully equipped airgel. 气凝胶毡在管道保温隔热应用中的价值体现 Figure 3. Effect of hydrophobic airgel) make insulation space is smaller. Because airgel has good thermal conductivity, to achieve the same insulation effect all the time or spatial airgel insulation thickness requires less below shows a conventional airgel insulation material with the same effect in the case, the required schematic thickness. 气凝胶毡在管道保温隔热应用中的价值体现 withOther effects with conventional airgel vs. thickness for the insulating material buried pipe insulation in terms of engineering, the use of aerogels to achieve the same insulation effect allows reduced insulation layer thickness, which means reduction of the earthwork, and the shorter duration, and both the reduced cost can be offset by the cost to replace the traditional choice airgel insulation materials as insulation materials. Convenience 4) construction, improve construction efficiency. Airgel mat cut into a certain size of the wound naturally a certain arc, for pipe insulation is concerned, a good cut airgel mat placed directly on the pipe can be fixed. Airgel mat and lightweight, have a certain hardness, somewhat flexible, not easily damaged, cut very convenient, as compared to conventional insulation materials of construction, the construction efficiency can be improved more than 30%. While avoiding the use of traditional insulation materials late inconvenient maintenance worries. 气凝胶毡在管道保温隔热应用中的价值体现 After the airgel mat cut to a given length will be wound NATURAL 气凝胶毡在管道保温隔热应用中的价值体现 airgel mat schematic common pipeline applications by the comparison, airgel mat engineering applications pipe insulation, pipe insulation as cotton a, compared to traditional insulation material has a very distinct advantage, as well as specific a very significant economic importance.