Airgel four advantages compared to glass ordinary glass

Aerogels airgel to glass is a new building material as the main material, various glasses may be used instead. Two pieces of glass, sandwiching fill airgel, such a \”sandwich\” is an airgel glass. It is based on the IG The new product was higher than the insulating glass. Since the airgel having both heat insulating properties, but also has sound absorption characteristics, and has a light-transmissive, and therefore the effect of airgel insulation glass is several times higher than conventional double glazing, and has a noise reduction effect. Airgel glass has many advantages and is far less common in the glass: 1, such as thermal stability and thermal shock resistance than quartz glass, even in a high temperature state 1300 ℃ it into the water, it will not break; 2, its specific gravity is small, only 0.07-0.25g / cm3, a few tenths of ordinary glass; 3, better than mineral wool having a thermal insulation properties; it does not burn, fire-resistant material is good; 4 , also has good sound insulation performance, higher than the average four times more than the metal and glass.