Airgel future policy-oriented good prospects uncertain

With the energy shortage and environmental pollution has become a hot issue of global concern, benefiting from the strong support of national policy and the degree of urbanization of the deepening of energy saving, Aerogels product, as an excellent energy-saving environmentally friendly products, ushered in a good development opportunity. On the world, was officially launched in 2014, by far the largest European investment projects (80 billion euros), \”Horizon 2020\” project focuses on and carried out the airgel insulation Insulation Materials Related research and development. According to market research firm Allied June 2014 released the report, the global airgel market value in 2013 of $ 221.8 million, estimated in 2020 to reach $ 1.8966 billion. Eighth session of the Fifth Plenary Session of \”innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing\” the five development concept, the first is to further promote the innovation and development of technology. Airgel is listed as one of the Top Ten Science and Technology, known as multi-functional new materials can change the world. 2014 and 2015, the NDRC will airgel materials for two consecutive years as a \”national key low-carbon energy technologies to promote the directory\”, began a preliminary application for airgel materials. We both architectural and industrial pipe network, for example, analyze the development prospects of airgel products. In the construction sector, building energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and that \”30%\” is just the ratio of energy consumption in building construction and use, if coupled with the consumption of building materials and the production process out of energy (accounting for 16.7% of total energy consumption society), and building-related energy consumption will account for 46.7% of total energy consumption society. By 2020, China\’s building energy consumption will reach 2.943 trillion kWh, more than the total generating capacity of the Three Gorges power station for 34 years. Therefore, the introduction of the country respectively building energy policy, building energy efficiency standards gradually improved, from 50 energy-saving, saving 65 to 75 energy-efficient, passive architectural changes. When meet the growing building energy efficiency standards, conventional Building insulation contradictions in both materials and fire insulation even more prominent. The airgel insulation products while both excellent Class A fire insulation properties and advantages, opened up new horizons for the construction of energy-saving insulation. In the field of industrial pipe network, along with the Urban Pipe Gallery and development workIndustry buildings such as power plants, chemical plants compact design for industrial thermal insulation pipe, not only a higher energy requirements, but also for the space occupied proposed certain restrictions. Low thermal conductivity of the airgel products, small package thickness, energy-saving effect. To 350 deg.] C steam pipe insulation applications for example, compared to conventional insulation materials, airgel insulation thickness is reduced 2/3, save energy more than 40%, can be reduced per kilometer conduit 125 tons of CO2 per year.