Airgel high-temperature thermal conductivity of new materials to solve problems to promote industrial energy consumption

A small piece of insulation blankets, positive at 1000 degrees Celsius quiet blue flame spraying, can still touch the rear surface, which is excellent in high-temperature thermal insulation properties attracted the attention of reporters. May 30, in Tianjin Energy Conservation Association sponsored the \”green energy and new materials Aerogels Application Technology Forum\”, Morgan Tianjin De-Kun high-tech Co., Ltd. released a new type of nano-insulation materials won the spot reference the staff will be applause. The reason why this new material has amazing insulating properties, because of a substance called airgel. Popular, not plastic airgel, but a material form, composed of more than 90% of air and less than 10% solids, can withstand thousands of times corresponding to the pressure of its own mass. 气凝胶耐高温新材料解决热传导难题推动工业节能降耗 airgel from the early DrKistler prepared by hydrolysis of Stanford University in 1931 obtained by waterglass. However, due to the high cost and complex process, and did not pay sufficient attention to the airgel after the advent. In the 1980s, Europe began to notice this new material. In 1993, the United States airgel is applied to spacesuits, spacecraft, space shuttle, the \”Peace\” space station and the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe have used the airgel. \”If done well, this solid airgel can even float in the air …… very magical.\” Morgan De-Kun Li Zhensheng chairman told reporters, aerogels also known as \”frozen smoke\” or blue smoke, is nano microporous insulation material, occupies part of the overall insulation material in spire pyramid. Tianjin University, Professor Li Lei in the country to carry out research for many years airgel. He told reporters that the reason why the airgel has a super insulation performance mainly due to its special nano-porous structure. Since the pore diameter of the inner material is less than the mean free path of air molecules, transfer collisions between molecules is suppressed, together with the action of heat radiation shielding components, so that the material can be achieved at a high temperature lower than the thermal conductivity of still air coefficient, thermal insulation nano insulation material is 4 times the traditional insulation materials. Compared to traditional insulating material , nano-insulation material may be long-term work environment at a temperature range of 1000 ℃, used as insulation layer having good thermal stability, can be used for the insulating layer, the useful life 15 year or more, can significantly reduce heat loss, reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.\”Although the unit price of this new insulation material is higher than conventional insulation materials, but considering the life of the construction costs, lower overall costs.\” Ma Xiang Morgan De-Kun, general manager said. It is understood that Morgan De-Kun is Sinopec, CNOOC global suppliers, customers served include energy saving, grain storage, Rongcheng Steel, Laiwu Steel, Shagang Group, Lear shares, Haley shares of 500 companies or listed companies. Insulation products are widely used steel ladle, tundish, furnaces, turbine body, boilers and oil exploration, oil pipelines, and other parts of the LNG storage tank, the effect is significant. Industrial energy consumption has been a big country. Iron and steel, petrochemical, power and other energy-intensive industry, energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of the proportion of industrial energy consumption. The true industrial energy consumption, high temperature resistant new materials, new technology applications is imperative.