Airgel industrialization of new technology to reduce costs by 20% pass rate raised to 94%

The company after two months, airgel production research and development of new technology, significantly improve yields and product quality, while reducing production costs by about 20%, the production operation more stable and controllable. In May this year, the company began airgel production line debugging process. June achieve initial production. However, during the debugging process, technicians found that the pre-formulations high production costs, product qualification rate is low, difficult issues such as control the production process, seriously affecting productivity. Airgel research and development team many times with universities, peer to explore, to find a new formulation research and development ideas, to Rakhine company to optimize existing equipment and improvements. However, the new formula from the laboratory to production, there are still many unknown problems. A set of experiments the ingredients, forming, drying the test requires a minimum of five days. 建工新材研发气凝胶新工艺 成本降低20%合格率提升到94% After the experiment and study, the new formulation will be nearly two months commissioning process in the production line, the product yield of from 76% to 94% lift; Jianbang new material according to the actual situation airgel updated quality control documents, document production safety, equipment operation procedures, implementation of safe production of standardized management and control. Airgel companies to complete the industrialization process debugging normally takes two years. Jianbang company only two months to complete the development and industrialization process of commissioning the new formula. Recently, the China Aerospace 306 airgel technology experts to exchange Rakhine company that Rakhine company airgel team of technical research belong to a miracle industry.