\”Airgel industry of the road\” dreamer

– Interview with Beijing Construction Engineering New Building Materials Co., Ltd. R & D Center, Renren Fu Jian is he, that he, the head of Beijing Construction Engineering new materials company Aerogels projects, R & D center of the main Renren Fu Jian. You might think, either build a rich Tsinghua University PhD. what? Why would Dr. Qinghua University grassroots to the construction industry, we selected the company? \”Young people, you should have a dream, passion, courage to innovate, the courage to challenge this new product will help develop a social development is my dream. I like this company is providing young people with learning, growth, innovation and broad platform of self-realization, that is what I choose Beijing construction Engineering new material reasons. \”any of the Fu Jian said. We stand on a high starting point airgel, it is the world\’s lightest and best insulating performance aerospace materials, but the high cost and the production process is the international technical bottleneck of large-scale application of airgel. \”If the cost of one cubic meter down to 7,8 million, applied to civilian areas, we will be able to achieve significant social and economic benefits!\” Ren Fu Jian aimed at the world\’s most difficult to overcome airgel. For domestic colleges and universities already aerogels research, the industry also has a number of colleagues to the road of industrialization airgel continue to explore. Either by exploring the rich build on previous learning and experience, by virtue of material science nearly a decade of theoretical knowledge, but also support and help his alma mater Tsinghua University, it can be said to have stood on the shoulders of giants. A large platform to help me forward any ideas to get rich R & D to build the company\’s recognition and support. He established airgel project approval by the expert review, the Group, SASAC organization, access to funding of 2.5 million. In fact, any time the company first came to Fu Jian, the company also specializes in traditional building materials. In the formation of the R & D center, he became the first employee of the center. The face of the status quo \”poor white\”, he did not flinch, but quickly brought together more than 10 graduate students set up R & D center. At the same time, he served as the branch of a rich built more than 40 square meters of warehouse transformed into a laboratory, braving heat, the lead began to clean the warehouse, crossed nailing. Passing shop workers murmured: This \”labor\” really gung-ho. May 2013, the company set up a science and technology research in any type qingniantujidui built for the rich captain, shoulder the heavy responsibility of the company\’s new product development. Within two years, the team trained a total of three engineers, an economist and more than 10 industryBusiness backbone, laid the foundation for the company\’s human resources and technology to expand new business development efforts. For three years, either Fu Jian led the research team completed four research projects, a group research project project project project an SAC, wrote an enterprise product standard, published five papers, declared six national invention patents. Bad eating piece of bone in the laboratory of University of airgel is not difficult, the difficulty is airgel industrial production and marketing. With the subject entered the testing phase, measurement deviation 1 mg may cause dozens of hours of reaction time deviation. Such a test, in a small university lab tests okay, but in production research and development test, the probability of success is very low. 20 months later, thousands of times the test was not successful once. This time, some players chose to leave. December 2013, he took to the field to carry out R & D team technology test key technologies. Ran into heavy snow, high-speed road closures, in order to obtain experimental data as soon as possible, he decided to drive to go national highway, had two hours away, to go more than seven hours, he ran skid, the car suddenly turned 360 degrees, life and death moment, pass. Any of the Fu Jian recalled the scene: \”I was only the steering wheel with both hands clenched, watched the car go little by little to the side of the road slippery deep groove that was the first time I felt the death.\”. Painstaking, day live. After three years, conducted thousands of tests, they finally succeeded in extracting airgel material from inexpensive raw materials, process technology reached the international advanced level. After the product launch is expected to achieve annual output value of 200 million yuan, nearly billion in economic benefits. \”Of course, this is only the first step in a long march of industrialization airgel, we are willing to work together with you to continue to move forward on the road of industrialization of applied research airgel material.\” Fu Jian said in any of the results of appraisal meeting. Face time and time again seems unlikely to complete the challenge, either Fu Jian also worried that the company would lose confidence in him. However, the company\’s leadership in the most critical time to say to him: growing up encounter any problems are normal, as long as you are still trying to hero! \”Transformation and upgrading of the company, we will provide these young people dream of a vast stage, enjoy gorgeous own youth, I believe their choice.\” Any of the Fu Jian said.