Airgel industry will usher inflection point

April 7, 2017 the National Aerogels Application Conference held in Beijing material innovation. Organized by the China Development Union of green building materials industry, to promote the application of airgel industry development, industrial policy interpretation, panoptic industry, research industry pain points. Ministry of Industry and Raw Materials Division building at the relevant personnel said that the current large-scale application of airgel factors are price and production processes, the next step will encourage enterprises to carry out scientific research institutions and representative platform with research and accelerating the airgel demonstration engineering. In addition, this year will promote green building materials to enhance the level of production, green building materials directory publishing and logo, accelerate the development of new materials, promote green manufacturing. The experts said that the airgel is a revolutionary new technology, industrial investment is very high heat, huge market capacity, of which China airgel very broad market prospects, China\’s airgel technology has reached international advanced level, but also the state of gas condensate plastic industry support policies is very large. Currently, airgel has just begun to enter the stage of large-scale applications, is expected from this year airgel industry will usher inflection point. At the meeting, the development of green building materials industry alliance to promote innovative applications of airgel Center issued a letter of appointment of experts to a number of industry experts. Seminar sectors, from industry, research institutions, industry experts and guests around the airgel material and applications, aerospace industry airgel application and industrialization, China airgel technology and industrial development, airgel Applications discuss the exchange market analysis and development prospects and other topics. Aerogels are solid material with the lowest thermal conductivity of the physical world\’s lightest, widely used in the aerospace, energy saving and environmental protection, national defense, petrochemicals, rail transportation and other fields, is a new material developed countries rushing.