Airgel insulation blankets to achieve large-scale application in the housing industry in Shanghai

Recently, Aerogels insulation blankets to achieve large-scale application in the housing industry in Shanghai. Product is suitable for interior and exterior wall and roof sandwich insulation building structures. Airgel density of only a small portion of the glass almost to float in the air, known as \”the world\’s lightest solid.\” Airgel mm thick liner 18 helps astronauts withstand low temperature of minus 130 degrees Celsius, used to make the suit insulation lining. Thus, the unique properties of aerogels are known as \”change the world of magical material.\” The material was first used in the US space industry is gradually transferred to civilian areas. This time, the Shanghai-scale use of Nano Science and Technology Co., Ltd. airgel blanket insulation, technical appraisal by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province that the product to fill the gaps, reached the international advanced level. According to the Chairman Zhou Lin Jieshao water, the airgel is a silica airgel insulation blankets through a special process of a flexible synthetic glass fiber insulating material , is the lowest thermal conductivity of a solid insulating material, can withstand temperatures of minus 300 degrees Celsius to 800 degrees Celsius above zero, heat insulation effect is 2-5 times of traditional insulation materials, absolutely water-repellent, fire protection class A1 reached GB standard, to achieve energy-saving insulation, fireproof, waterproof perfect triple combined. Further, to achieve the same insulation effect, the thickness of only a fraction of one of the traditional materials, a high space utilization. Nano\’s products have been included in the organization and implementation of the national \”five\” scientific and technological support to their production standards based airgel production is drafting national standards. Currently, the insulation material widely used in a number of major construction projects Beijing Olympic Games, the National Grand Theater, the Art Museum of China, the future of the company will build the largest silica nanopore super insulation materials R & D and manufacturing base.