Airgel insulation caused the market revolution

After the super material graphene extravaganza Soon, another super material flagship product Aerogels technique was also broken and industrial applications in Shenzhen. May 17, Shenzhen enterprises to bring the latest research and development of new airgel debut top academic conference, the companies were roadshow to promote the industrialization of new airgel airgel introduction of price and other academic meetings. Watch the scene a number of media organizations worldwide and the global investment institutions. Airgel is one of the world\’s smallest solid density, first proposed by American scientists Kistler in 1931 due to its friendly bet made with insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, oil and other functions, but it has failed to come out this super good material for industrial applications. In February this year, National University of Singapore by a large number of experiments on the successful implementation of the new paper turns green airgel, caused uproar in the industry. Shenzhen enterprises add new technology company signed a strategic agreement with the lead in the Bronx materials research and development center in Singapore, responsible for new cooperation model applied research and industrialization of products. It is understood that, compared with the conventional silica production process, the new process uses a breakthrough aerogels prepared waste paper pulp, low cost and environmentally friendly non-toxic, biodegradable products, the production process using process technology normal temperature and pressure, can secure consumption is low, or will lead to second revolution airgel market. Currently, plus new technology to produce new airgel insulation in outer space aircraft, ships and noise reduction insulation as well as logistics and cold chain thermal insulation, noise insulation military, natural gas cryogenic storage and other fields , both applications and plans to soon industrialization. Especially in the field of refrigerator manufacturing sector, the use of materials as a new type of airgel thermal insulation, can reduce the refrigerator 30% -40% of the working energy efficiency, once large-scale production applications, will lead the industrial revolution refrigerator manufacturing sector, it has been with the international line refrigerator brand-depth contact, unlimited prospects for future cooperation.