Airgel insulation coating nano

Nano airgel insulation coating is one of the world\’s lightest, the best insulation performance solid materials, SiO2 colloid particles are silica airgel is constituted as a skeleton high nano specific surface area, high porosity, low density, low thermal conductivity of porous material. Airgel coating properties due to the airgel structure itself, can effectively reduce the transmission of heat, play to improve the environment and reduce energy consumption effect. Nanoporous airgel destroyed and three-dimensional network structure of the matrix of the heat conduction path, which is an important reason for having a low thermal conductivity. Unique nano pore structure limits the free flow of air molecules, suppressing convection of air conduction, the cell walls are formed of an infinite number of reflective surface and refractive surface of the heat radiation, the radiation to maximize the thermal conductivity is suppressed. Thus airgel having excellent insulating properties for the coatings will greatly enhance the heat insulating effect.

What is airgel?

nano airgel material itself has a special structure, SiO2 airgel has a very wide range of applications in optical, electrical, thermal insulation, environmental protection, catalytic, chemical industry based.

airgel Features



  • insulation performance, energy saving
  • having excellent anti-hot resistance, corrosion resistance
  • easy construction, without limitation morphological substrate
  • to facilitate maintenance device
  • high volume solids, the VOC low
  • hydrophobic, anti-condensation
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airgel product applications [ssbluelist]

    aerospace, defense

  • industrial tanks and pipes

  • [123 ] textile equipment
  • boilers and heat exchangers
  • new energy vehicles
  • power lithium battery
  • in the reaction vessel and the heater temperature
  • refrigerated Container
  • [/ ssbluelist] special nano aerogels excellent: the super insulation properties: Nano airgel at -10 ℃ to 120 ℃, a thermal conductivity of 0.018 to 0.02w / between (m.K), the thermal conductivity of the product cut increases with increasing temperature slowly. Nano airgel light weight: Nano density airgel powder is 0.05-0.05g / ml flame retardancy: The flame test, nano aerogels exhibit excellent flame retardancy. Hydrophobic nano aerogels: Test by contact angle measurements at room temperature, contact angle measurements derived aerogels nanometers contact angle 145 °, which exhibits excellent nano hydrophobic airgel. Nano airgel thermal stability: TG – differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis curve obtained. -900 ℃ airgel powder pickup 35 ℃, total weight loss was 14.21%, with excellent thermal stability. Aerogels properties: sound insulation and shock absorption performance. Airgel coatings can be achieved grade A fire protection, fire rating higher than the traditional insulation materials, in addition, airgel coating crack resistance, thermal expansion and contraction leading to avoid insulation materials, finishes and cracking even fall off. Coating an aqueous coating airgel nano-free VOC (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic. When used indoors, because of its high specific surface area, can effectively replace Celite, play absorption of harmful substances. Traditional insulation materials in the construction step 7-15 Road airgel material spraying process, reduce construction difficulty, shorten the construction period, construction safety protection. Airgel coating surface is smooth, easy attachment and convenient scrubbing dirt and water. Airgel coating longer life than traditional insulation materials, cost of economic rationality, its superior thermal insulation performance, under the same conditions, the choice of airgel coating more cost-effective.