Airgel insulation insulating the production tubing and having a high thermal resistance detecting means by experts

Heat insulation production tubing and testing apparatus with a number of independent intellectual property rights, with a high thermal resistance of the recently passed experts review. Nano heat insulation production tubing –MQK According to the China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association introduced a high thermal resistance of nano Aerogels heat insulation tubing and pipe insulation thermal conductivity test equipment to learn two scientific and technological achievements, recently passed by the Technology review the appraisal organized by the Association. Experts believe, MQK nano such a high thermal resistance and hydrophobic properties of the airgel insulation pipe insulation, insulation effect its practical application of energy up to 90%, will be achieved in the oil industry to cut costs in the field of thermal recovery and transport at room temperature, play a major role in the production and consumption reduction, and provide good support in the mining application of technology products and gas, combustible ice, hot lava and geothermal energy development and utilization of the field. According to reports, the potential economic benefits of this new technology products will be more than one hundred billion yuan. Fellow and expert witness a number of nano airgel insulation MQK insulated pipe of production and production testing. They believe that the two scientific and technological achievements have reached the international advanced level, the proposed application.