Airgel insulation materials and energy use characteristics of construction

Aerogels it is the world\’s lightest solid, has been selected for the Guinness Book of World Records. This new material density of only 3.55kg / m3, the density is only 2.75 times that of air. Airgel microstructure having a three-dimensional network, it has such a special structure unique properties of low density, low thermal conductivity, high specific surface area, high acoustic impedance, so that it in heat, noise, hydrogen storage, catalysis have a good prospect. Here we look at the main application airgel in building energy field. 1 aerogels in the application of energy-saving windows and doors of the terms of the current typical building envelope, heat loss through windows accounts for about 40% to 50% of the total building heat loss, and with the improvement of people\’s living environment, the area of ​​windows and doors but also the increasing application of energy-saving glass of whole building energy efficiency will play an important role. Airgel relatively energy-saving glass fax empty glass, laminated glass, energy-saving glass system has many advantages. 2 airgel airgel mat used pipeline architecture has the advantage of the ultra-high heat insulating properties and hydrophobicity, etc., it is an ideal pipe insulation Materials. Airgel mat has good flexibility and tensile, compressive strength, convenient construction, the overall additional hydrophobic airgel mat so that throughout the life of the thermal conductivity is almost unchanged. The conventional insulating material compared to the airgel insulation with insulation properties significantly better than other materials. According to US estimates Aspen\’s average per kilometer high-temperature steam pipes 8a use of energy in only one could bring savings of $ 2.5 million, and in the transformation of building heating pipe insulation materials, ideally That is the cost of a year of transformation into the next save. 3 using conventional airgel panels in the walls and roofs walls and roof insulation materials are divided into inorganic materials and organic materials, as compared with conventional airgel insulation plate material having low thermal conductivity, low density, high flame retardancy Etc. Its thermal conductivity at room temperature is almost only a third of the extruded polystyrene board, is much lower than other Building insulation material having a high Insulation performance. Airgel plate may also function as a sound absorption function, the structure may also effectively block the noise.4 airgel airgel in powder coatings may be applied in coatings, made with insulation effect insulation coating , complement insulation. Airgel coatings can be applied not only to the outer wall of the insulation may also be applied in the building interior insulation and building insulation top and bottom of the building insulation. 2010 Shanghai World Expo Zero Carbon Museum Vanke laboratory building and the application of this type of paint, shows that this paint has outstanding energy saving effect. 5 aerogels as concrete additives may also be used to reduce the thermal conductivity of the concrete, the concrete binder incorporated in varying amounts of hydrophobic or hydrophilic SiO2 airgel powder, the thermal conductivity of the concrete block with the SiO2 airgel powder increasing the content is reduced, but will decrease the compressive strength, shrinkage rate will be increased. Accordingly features may be added to the non-load-bearing walls of concrete SiO2 aerogels are used as the binding agent Cement . With the development of concrete additives, additives can be added to supplement the loss of mechanical properties. Building wall insulation airgel The vacuum insulation panel Safety airgel material advantages vacuum insulation panel is a Class A fire rating, high product stability, conventional organic insulation materials cracking does not exist, shedding, water seepage phenomenon, the establishment of a life \”protective wall\” for the people. Saving airgel vacuum insulation panels for the building to provide a steady largely adiabatic protection, still air, to achieve energy saving effect polymerization; under the same conditions in winter indoor temperature can be increased 5 ℃ -8 ℃, indoor temperature in summer can be reduced 3 ℃ -5 ℃, reduce air conditioning use frequency, coal savings for the user. Do real cool. All environmental airgel vacuum insulation panel biodegradable raw materials are inorganic materials, and can be recycled. Process will not release any toxic and harmful gases, health and environmental protection. Durable airgel vacuum insulation panel can be done with the life of the building, house, incubated at. Economic thin insulation system, greatly increasing the use of indoor area, reducing the pool area, can increase the room rate of 3% -5%, bringing tangible benefits for the people.