Airgel insulation materials for the heating industry advantage analysis

Aerogels is a solid material form, the world\’s smallest density of the solid. Density of 3 kilograms per cubic meter. General common silicon airgel airgel, which was first proposed by American scientists Kistler bet made in 1931 because of their friends. Many types of airgel, silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and the like. aerogel is a combination of words, here aero is an adjective, represents flight, gel apparently gel. Literally can fly gel. It can be any substance as long as the gel after drying after removal of the solvent inside, but also to substantially maintain its shape unchanged, and the product having a high porosity, low density, can call all the airgel. In a heat insulating material, silicon airgel thin nano network structure effectively limits the spread of excitation of localized hot, solid 2-3 orders of magnitude lower than the corresponding thermal conductivity of vitreous material. Nano microvoids inhibit heat transfer to the gas molecules contribute. Aerosilicon refractive index close to L, and the ratio coefficient annihilation infrared and visible light up to 100 or more, infrared radiation can be transmitted efficiently sunlight and prevent the ambient temperature, an ideal transparent insulation materials in the use of solar energy and building energy efficiency has been applied. By means of doping, can further reduce radiant heat conduction of silicon airgel, carbon airgel mixed at normal temperature and pressure can be as low thermal conductivity 0.013w / m · K, it is the lowest thermal conductivity of solid materials , is expected to become a new refrigerator replacement polyurethane foam insulation materials. Incorporation of titanium dioxide can be aerosilicon new high temperature insulation material, the thermal conductivity at 800K rate of 0.03w / m · K, as a military supporting new materials will be further developed. Airgel advantage for the heating industry: 1, Stability: extraordinary waterproof airgel insulation performance under pressure so that it almost does not decay within 12 years after installation. 2, save energy: outstanding airgel thermal insulation reduces the energy consumption of all kinds, according to statistics, the annual savings of more than 20%. 3, heat protection: airgel insulation to provide the best protection for a variety of equipment and reduce the total weight. 4, fire protection: number airgel with fewer, lighter weight and lower cost provide various combinations of steel and fire protection is perfect. 5, easy to cut: the site is easy to cut material to protectTemperature limits of a region / drain and the like. 6, excellent water resistance: airgel having excellent water resistance, by preventing the penetration of liquid water, but allows water vapor to pass, can greatly limit for subsurface moisture.