Airgel insulation materials have properties

Airgel insulation materials have properties : 1, excellent heat insulation performance, thermal conductivity at room temperature when the average room temperature 0.012-0.019W / M? K, when used in high temperature environments insulation performance is more prominent. 2, good heat resistance of this material different series respectively can withstand high temperatures up to 450 ℃ -1000 ℃, low temperature range close to absolute zero. 3, the unique burn-through type fire-resistant properties of this material can withstand direct flame burning time, the flame temperature far more than the upper limit, the material will be the trend of thermal degradation accompanied by sintering phenomenon, but does not appears half blown fiber insulation material or a perforated plate where crushed porous mineral-based insulation material fracture. 4, good chemical stability can remove most of the long-term tolerance of the hydrofluoric acid environment outside, not bad not decomposed, may be a variety of long-term tolerance thermal radiation (ultraviolet light, infrared light, visible light) and electromagnetic radiation, no performance degradation, with a very long life under normal use environment, no need to replace the maintenance. 5, below 200 ℃ overall hydrophobicity 6, the bulk density of low density can be designed between 200kg / m3-400kg / m3, water-quarter to one-fifth 7, good mechanical properties such as tensile mechanical strength> 2Mpa (rigid product),> 0.12Mpa (flex products). And having a certain degree of elasticity, which is a conventional plate type high-temperature insulation materials do not have. This material may be drilling, cutting, crimping without causing great damage to the body, i.e. with the knife 8 can be processed, sound damping plate material is a porous material, and has considerable elasticity, is an excellent sound damping material speed of sound in the material present in the air drops to one third of 9, does not release any nontoxic organic or gases at high temperature, the product has passed the European standard (RoHS) detection. Use: 1, construction and interior decoration materials of the present art set super insulation, high temperature, non-combustible, flame burn through resistant, super-hydrophobic, noise damping, protection, low density, insulating properties and are ideally suited to act as a chamber decoration sandwich core material. 2, the application of the fire protection material may be largeWeb prior to reduce the weight and volume of the fire-fighting equipment, clothing, firefighter extend the working time of the fire, the use of this material fire blanket life preservers, can increase the probability of a fire escape in considerable extent. 3, guard important facilities: the use of this material safety precautions fire cabinets, fire doors, etc., can significantly reduce the wall thickness. After special treatment of this material, may simultaneously have high strength, such a facility is the best choice within the filler material. 4, electric appliances of the present type material is applied with an electric field type appliances, can significantly save energy, reduce the volume of household appliances, reducing the temperature of the outer wall so that some appliances with better security. 5, fire insulation aircraft, ships: This material has a low density, excellent thermal insulation properties, excellent fire is the flame and burn performance, while both superior sound damping performance, very suitable for aircraft, ships bulkhead insulation and other fields. 6, mechanical, and portable electronic devices product can be widely used in mechanical parts of the electronic device insulation, the use of a narrow space to achieve the desired insulation effect, so as to facilitate the design and manufacture of certain machinery and equipment, in particular injection molding machine industry.