Airgel insulation materials in the application of the steam pipe

With the vigorous development of cogeneration and district heating business, long-range transport of the steam pipe network more gradual increase, which is bound to heat insulation of steam pipe project put forward higher requirements. With the development of technology to material processing industry, insulating material have made great progress and development of new silica Aerogels set of low thermal conductivity insulation materials, [123 ] insulation good performance, stable physical and chemical properties, high temperature burn, completely waterproof, non-toxic, environmental protection and many other excellent performance in one, now part of the high-temperature steam pipes and buried steam pipeline project has been the first to use. Aerogels which air content of 98%, an aggregate of nanometer-sized particles in the air and solid state material is a novel amorphous dispersion medium, having a unique optical, thermal and electrical properties of lightweight nanoporous material, nano-porous three-dimensional structure, the main ingredient is silica, it is also referred to as silica airgel. Nanoporous silica airgel because of its unique structure, can effectively prevent the transfer of heat in three ways, coated airgel air, can be infinitely reduced diameter 30-70mm thermal convection (air static 70mm), nanoporous structure induced volume density, airgel infinitely long, infinitely reduced thermal conductivity, a multi-arc configuration, invalid visor effect, can be infinitely reduced thermal radiation, an excellent thermal insulation effect of conventional heat insulation material 2-5 fold and longer life. Airgel insulation materials