Airgel insulations

airgel insulation mat is silica Aerogels as the main raw material, through high-tech composite process. Airgel insulation mat flexibility, environmental protection, radiation can be suppressed, flexible airgel mat construction, low thermal conductivity which can be used to -200 ℃ 1000 ℃ temperature in the range of Insulation , is the most ideal areas of construction, industrial piping, insulation materials and other equipment, it is one of the world\’s most advanced new energy-saving insulation materials . Airgel insulation mat Features: 1, the thinner the thickness of the airgel cold insulations low thickness to achieve the same effect cold conventional materials, less loss of cold, high space utilization. 2, compressive strength, tensile strength, crack airgel insulation mat has good flexibility and tensile, compressive strength, resistant to brutal construction. 3, water resistance airgel insulation mat has excellent overall hydrophobicity, hydrophobic rate ≥99%, isolation liquid, with a vapor barrier layer simultaneously, bring more moisture protection. 4, without providing joints airgel insulation mat excellent dimensional stability, nanoscale structures special telescopic pipe can resist the internal stress caused by, without expansion joints. 5, while the seismic acoustic insulations airgel insulation of equipment, you can also play sound absorption, cushioning vibration and other functions, improve the environment, the protection device. 6, safety and environmental protection airgel insulation mat does not contain harmful substances can be treated waste in landfills. 7, saving transportation, warehousing costs airgel insulation mat insulation smaller volume and total weight can be greatly reduced transport and storage costs. 8, ease of construction airgel insulation felt soft and light, easy to install, for a variety of complex shapes required. 气凝胶绝热毡 airgel insulation mat 气凝胶绝热毡