Airgel is expected to become the fourth generation of energy-saving glass Glass

At present, the proportion of building energy consumption is great. In building energy consumption, the proportion of energy generated and the glass doors and windows account for a large share, it also shows that building energy efficiency is very important. The development of energy-saving glass in home and abroad, first generation single lumen hollow glass, hollow glass coating plus second generation, third generation multi-chamber hollow glass. And I think airgel glass is likely to become the fourth generation of energy-saving glass. China\’s building energy-saving road must be traveled, how to make windows and doors, glass energy-saving program, it now appears there are three options: First, reduce the window to wall ratio, although this method can play the energy saving effect, but to a certain extent reduce the indoor comfort lighting, indoor lighting energy consumption increases; Second multi-layer hollow glass vacuum, the disadvantage of this method is to increase the weight of the glazing; three airgel glass, relative to other types of glass, the gas gel glass building energy efficiency and comfort, environmental balance between them. Further, such a glass having translucency, and the thermal insulation effect. By winter, summer simulation test airgel insulation performance of the glass, it can be seen, in contrast to monolithic glass, hollow glass, Low-E glass, glass airgel insulation performance is relatively strong. Compared with other developed countries, the international community, our country in building energy conservation has lagged behind the development of international standards, then we can take a faster path to catch up with the international level of development? I think the best way is to catch up with the development of new building materials, glass and airgel is a way to accelerate the development of new materials in the field of building energy efficiency. Development airgel glass, is in the country to take a road of independent innovation and sustainable development.