Airgel Let us bid farewell to \”coat\” Refresh lightest material world record

Guinness World Records has a lot of strange items, such as the world\’s widest mouth, longest fingernails, one minute kick 24 times, and so on. There is a solid also in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is Aerogels , also known as dry gel, in the Guinness Book of Records, it is the \”world\’s lightest solid.\” As technology advances, the airgel from our lives is getting closer. The unique properties aerogels are widely used in the world\’s lightest known, the best insulation performance of the solid material, with ultra-light weight, low thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, high absorption, high energy absorption, sound insulation etc. characteristics, also has a swelling action, a thixotropic effect, syneresis, which makes it not only has good ductility, also has a breathable, fire, good oil and water absorption properties. Because of its excellent characteristics of the low sound velocity, airgel is an ideal acoustical delay and high temperature soundproofing material . Airgel material acoustic impedance variable range is large, an ideal coupling of the ultrasound probe acoustically resistive material. Airgel high porosity and ultra-lightweight characteristics, also making it the best anti-sound water material, such as airgel material used on the hull of the submarine can make a good water anti-sound effect, not increase the weight of the submarine. At present, Zhejiang University Polymer Research Group prepare a ultra-light airgel. It is a record of the lightest material in the world, with high elasticity and strong oil-absorbing ability. This solid material is referred to as \”all carbon airgel\” a density of 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, the density of air is only 1/6. Since the airgel is generally more than 80% of air, so there is very good thermal insulation effect, considerable 20-30 inch thick airgel blocks ordinary glass. Even on the airgel between Rose and flame, the Rose will remain intact. Airgel broad range of applications, it can be used in terms of lightweight high-speed rail, environmental control, drug carrier, if used in the clothing sector, then we just winter wear a 3mm thick airgel fabric made clothes can. If the surface is coated airgel various methyl compound, which is equivalent to seven times the oil-absorbing ability of the adsorbent material other on the market. It can also be used as thermal or acoustic insulation in building materials, or amine compound when applied, may be a filter, the filter can be reused forDust particles and carbon dioxide in the mask. Researchers are still studying the transformation of the surface of the airgel, it aims to transform the material adsorbed toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide. Aerogels have millions because the surface pores, so that the material is ideal for adsorption of contaminants in water. The carbon aerogels having ultra-fast sponge, high suction force of the oil, the oil-absorbing ability is the strongest material. Oil absorption is 250 times its own weight, up to 900 times, the magic is not only oil absorbent carbon sponge. Alternatively nothing of military action as a leading edge of airgel material to enable it to flex its muscles in military terms. In 2002 NASA aerospace materials technology into industrial applications, aerogels using supercritical technology to produce felts, known as industrial insulation revolutionary program. After research institutes, industrial enterprises have started to dabble research and application of airgel, airgel ushered in a wave of R & D products in the world. November 3, 2016 China\’s new generation large-capacity launch vehicle \”Long March V\” successful maiden satellite launch center in Wenchang, Hainan. Which is rocket fuel gas piping system to provide thermal insulation, that is, China has independently developed high-performance nano airgel insulation blankets. In addition to the airgel can be applied in the aerospace field, can also be used in petrochemical, high-speed rail, oil and other industries, is also expanding to civilian areas. To calculate the best possible use of airgel used as protective insulation material fireman coat uniforms. When the flame retardant chemical is coated airgel while, so that the suit can withstand the temperatures of up to 620oC. The airgel weighs only about 10% of the current protective insulation jacket firefighters use, and softer, more comfortable. Bulletproof is a new aerogels in the military aspects of the second important purpose. NASA The company is built on the airgel residence and military vehicles for testing. The laboratory test situation of view, if the rate of 6 mm thick layer of airgel in the metal sheet, so, even if the direct bombed explosives, metal sheets can be divided without injury. Some experts said that from the current situation, the United States and China are the major countries around the world airgel research, production, application areas. Civilian areas has been deployed with the development of technology, the airgel in the textile, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, pipes, thermalEquipment, construction, aerospace and military fields have a very broad application value and potential. Airgel applications in the construction sector is extremely broad. Sandwiched between two sheets of glass with an airgel, such a \”sandwich structure\” airgel glass may not be in the weight gain, without thickening and improve the performance of the building. Airgel glass with fire and energy absorption characteristics, can improve the current explosion of glass in a fire, wind pressure and other issues, improve the safety level of the building; airgel thermal insulation glass, allowing the building \”summer and warm winter cool \”to improve indoor comfort. In addition, by combining with other techniques, it can change color airgel glass, photovoltaic power generation, personalized construction of the building. Currently airgel as a nonwoven material insulation, have begun to use in the building. Now people Yiba airgel used in the yurt. Airgel felt used as insulation, only 50mm thickness can reach 75% of the energy saving effect. With the rise of outdoor sports, more and more people to participate in this trend. But conventional bloated staff to make warm clothing to participate in outdoor sports is difficult to stretch the body in motion, while adding airgel materials sports apparel can be a good solution to this problem, not only have good insulation properties after wear, but also can facilitate the movement of personnel, the effect is very satisfactory. October 9, 2018, Supield plain clothes Pai airgel technology formally launched Jingdong crowdfunding, in just eight hours, the congregation will raise the amount exceeded a million; the product line week, the crowdfunding has totaled more than six million. The use of airgel for manufacturing garments, only the weight of the fabric 60g / m2, a thickness of 0.5mm, the thermal conductivity coefficient of only 0.0191 (W / (m · K), turns out to be \”light if a feather, flimsy thermal textile-specific airgel composite material, if the warm male Han. \”this has the exclusive patent, can only rely on the thickness of 3mm, the counter cold -196 ℃, far more than 40mm thick jacket insulation effect. this fabric is successfully produced clothing began to market can be said to set off a revolution in the fashion industry material. According to reports, this airgel clothing in liquid nitrogen injection test minus 173 ℃, the internal temperature of the clothes can still be maintained at about 28 ℃, and when wearing at temperature 20 ℃, it is still able to maintain a comfortable body feeling without overheating. It is understood that this dress is priced at 2,000 yuan, the price has been reduced to the extent acceptable to the public,Sought after by consumers, the market reaction popular.