Airgel market size and Prospects

Aerogels are the world\’s smallest density, pore size of nanoscale solid variety, mainly silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and the like. It referred to as \”frozen smoke.\” According to news reports, New York, announced the release of its recently completed study report, entitled \”Application global airgel market, shape, type, technology type and region – global forecast to 2026\”, by covering the target a detailed breakdown of all aspects of the market, provides an overall view of the global airgel market. Reported that in 2016 the global airgel market value of $ 512.9 million, 2017 – The following cases 31.8% compound annual growth rate in 2026 is expected in 2026 will reach the global airgel market value of $ 8,083,700,000. The airgel in the domestic market started late, pre-main foreign airgel product sales, more expensive, marketing efforts also smaller in recent years, with the gradual increase in domestic airgel enterprises increased their strength, cost declining, have been expanding, again thanks to the rapid expansion of domestic energy conservation policy implementation body and the amount of economic, airgel industry into the rapid development of the channel. First, the supply situation in China airgel As the aerogels process cost reduction and scale of the industry continues to expand, some new applications constantly developed, airgel market has become more sophisticated. Is expected to 2022 of airgel production is expected to reach 23,200 tons, consumption of 5.16 million tons. Second, China airgel market analysis China as the emerging economies, will be faster than the international average level of the rapid increase in the growth markets, the next few years will enter a rapid growth phase. About some new airgel applications are being developed, such as airgel insulation products for household cloth, can be used for tents, winter clothes, fire service, Jackets chemical suits and so on, it has been used in electronic new energy sources such as batteries airgel insulation paper products, airgel market will become more sophisticated and expanding. China airgel future Chinese market application airgel mainly used for building energy and petroleum and petrochemicals, transportation, power industry and other fields. Is expected to 2019, China airgel about 30% for the field of building energy efficiency, 25% for petroleum and petrochemical fields. Third, the global airgel market analysis Growing globalization and urbanization has led to the development of infrastructure in developed and developing countries, which is another key factor driving global airgel market growth. Because of its light diffusion, thermal insulation and high-performance surface area, silica airgel increasing demand in construction applications, which promote the growth of the global airgel market. In addition, the material progress and innovation, applications and improve efficiency awareness aerogels in new application areas is expected to promote the growth of the global airgel market in the forecast period. Before the global airgel market size of the global airgel market is mainly concentrated in North America, about 55%, Europe and Asia, 24% and 8%, respectively. In 2017, market share in North America and Europe reduce, increase in Asia and other markets. Global airgel market size is estimated to reach $ 1.8966 billion in 2020, the annual compound growth rate over the forecast period was 36.4%. With the airgel material exploration in new areas of application continuous improvement, the market is expected, over time the market growth momentum will be further enhanced. 气凝胶的市场规模和前景分析 Fourth, the policy of China airgel market development 1 eighteenth session of the Fifth Plenary Session of \”innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing\” the five development concept, the first is to further promote the technological innovation and development. Airgel is listed as one of the Top Ten Science and Technology, known as multi-functional new materials can change the world. 2, in 2014 and 2015, the NDRC will airgel materials for two consecutive years as a \”national key low-carbon energy technologies to promote the directory\”, began a preliminary application for airgel materials. 3, China\’s first national standards for airgel material terms – \”nanoporous airgel composite insulation products\”, has been prepared, and will be held September 1, 2018 formally implemented. summary is expected to enter the \”Thirteen Five\” energy-saving environmental protection industry will continue to achieve rapid development. Airgel materials will receive high-volume applications in the field of industrial and equipment, in 2020 began to fully replace the traditional industrial insulation materials, about 500 million share of the domestic market each year. Is expected to begin in 2020, airgel material in the construction sector will begin large-scale applications, 2025 will fully replace traditional building insulation materials, domestic share market more than 100 billion annually. It is only used in industrial insulation market, if the new products and applicationsAfter now, after airgel insulation products into the household and electronics, future market even more incalculable.