Airgel materials market brewing outbreak

Aerogels , the English name \”aerogel\”, meaning \”flying gel\” (a combination of the word areo-gel). Gel how to fly? Imagine if the jellyfish water \”remove\” does not change the size of the volume, it will be how? Airgel is the case, its own 80% to 99.8% is present in gaseous form – which is also its magic, aerogels are produced artificial humans can lightest amorphous solid material, is It referred to as \”frozen smoke\” \”fifth form\” substances. Airgel high porosity, low thermal conductivity material having good characteristics allowed properties: lightweight, heat insulating, temperature. It is an alternative scenario for many traditional materials, all related to the application temperature isolated, we will want to use this material. It is worth mentioning that, previously, due to the preparation of domestic technology, foreign airgel airgel products once occupied the Chinese market. However, the current situation is also being reversed. Motivation behind this is that we have become increasingly material saving and environmental protection requirements. HVIP aerogels The vacuum insulation panel , as the main raw material in the silica airgel HVIP airgel vacuum insulation panel made of low thermal conductivity of 0.006W / (M · K), fire class a, light itself, is 1/4 ~ 1/8 the thickness of the conventional materials, the insulation effect is 4 to 10 times of the traditional insulation effect, good weather resistance, can be achieved with the same architectural lifetime. In the production process no harmful emissions, no solid waste, no dust, no noise, no sewage, reached 5 \”zero\” emissions, flammability and overcomes traditional insulating material , and cracking, peeling and white trash pollution and other defects. Compared airgel material, not only the poor performance of conventional materials which multiple factors associated with environmental pollution during preparation.