Airgel materials show staged application

airgel insulation, energy saving, adsorption

texture, simply, microlens, the color was light pink, light blue, white …… School of Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory developed by Nanjing University of thermal insulation, adsorption with carrying medicine, light airgel material with a series of catalytic and antimicrobial use, and promote the innovation in the field of construction, industrial production has its amazing features.

Building insulation and fire prevention

airgel is a three-dimensional network structure of the nanomaterial, having excellent properties of low density, high surface area and low thermal conductivity and the like, can be used for building insulation and industrial insulation, even Instead of the non-load-bearing wall structure. School of Materials Science and Engineering doctoral school Rank Conventional \”old pole\” study of airgel material, airgel insulation-related research he began doing research group Professor Cui liters when the second-year undergraduate. According to him, our study aerogels began in the 1990s, after nearly 30 years of development, is now widely put into market applications. Rank Conventional foamed cement, foam and foam glass ceramic or the like as a base, and vacuum impregnation binding ethanol fast supercritical drying process to prepare a series of SiO2 airgel matrix composite foam insulation material. This invention overcomes the deficiencies of the load-bearing airgel material can not, have compression airgel off capability, even as a non-load bearing wall material in a certain structure, instead. \”In addition, airgel is a Class A insulation materials, met Mars will not burn, it can also be used as insulation material to avoid the fire.\” Cui liter added. As well as wall insulation materials, aerogels may be made into windows, glass reinforced insulation effect. Application of the airgel to glass granular and chunk types. Where the bulk airgel glazing transmittance of up to 0.75, sound effect is very good.

Industrial increase energy efficiency

crystalline silicon PV industry growth furnace is important production equipment, high temperature of the internal production using energy efficient insulation urgent need to reduce energy consumption materials. Nanjing University Research lock member 1602 class students ho crystalline silicon photovoltaic industry in the growth furnace for energy saving, low preparation cost is proposed, long life cycle, a new type of high temperature low thermal conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced airgel carbide material, alternatively silicon crystal growth furnace in high purity graphite felt, breaking the barriers of double foreign technology and capital. The project won the top award at the just-concluded sixteenth \”Challenge Cup\” contest Jiangsu game. Lock-ho introducedSaid: \”We are inexpensive inorganic material is aluminum and the boron source, a carbon fiber as a reinforcing material, to break a number of key technologies, often prepared warmed conductivity lower than 0.05, maximum compressive strength of 9.1 MPa, good thermal stability of the carbon fiber reinforced carbide airgel. \”It is reported that the product has carried out a pilot study in the Institute for new materials Holdings Ltd. crystal Branch energy and Suqian, completed the carbon fiber reinforced airgel material carbide pilot production line purchase, and pilot production application of work research.

very broad application prospects

Aerogels have broad application prospects, can be used in aerospace, petrochemical, new energy, automobile trains. \”If the use of such insulation materials in laptops and mobile phones bottom bootable heat from the surrounding shed to help improve the cooling efficiency, enhance the use of comfort.\” Cui L, he said, \”airgel can also be applied to new energy lithium battery car, in between lithium plus airgel product, can prevent heat from affecting each other each lithium battery, the battery can be further prevented due to high temperature leads to burning. \”in recent years, Nanjing University of airgel results have been achieved in a number of enterprises industrial applications. Wherein the airgel insulation materials based on nano-insulation pipe, holding tanks and other items has accumulated to achieve economic efficiency nearly 2.5 million. In the field of adsorption, polypropylene fiber composite airgel material products to effectively deal with oil pollution treatment, the cumulative economic benefit of more than 54 million yuan.