Airgel materials sub-forum – Chinese energy-saving insulation materials industry development Conference

December 21 morning, the Chinese energy-saving insulation materials industry Development Conference – Aerogels material sub-forum was successfully held in Jinan, Shandong. The relevant state ministries and gentlemen, association leaders, industry experts, relevant enterprises and institutions and representatives of more than 20 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the vice president of the China Association of Energy Branch of airgel insulation material Professor Shen Jun. Professor Shen Jun welcoming remarks, hopes to strengthen cooperation and exchange between enterprises boost the development of airgel airgel material by the meeting. Deputy director of the Institute of Building Materials Industry IT Wei Nana made a presentation entitled \”airgel glass\” industry standards, in highlighting the significance and plan and hope counterparts actively involved in the formulation of standard lines. Reporting Assistant Professor of Materials Science, Nanjing University Wu Xiaodong entitled \”Progress and development trend of airgel nano-materials\”, according to the airgel components classified material comprehensive introduction to the subject airgel material, and predict the future direction of research . Participants were three exchanges and discussions on the direction of domestic patent litigation airgel, airgel glass senate and future development of the industry and so on. Finally, Professor Shen Jun summarize the content of the discussions that are currently on the market as a mainstream product airgel airgel felt the need to further increase the heat temperature to 400 ℃ than at the same time improve quality and reduce costs. In addition, airgel clothes because of having good insulation properties, low cost, flexibility and other characteristics, in the future there are good prospects for industrialization. 气凝胶材料分论坛——中国绝热节能材料行业发展大会召开 meeting site 气凝胶材料分论坛——中国绝热节能材料行业发展大会召开