Airgel particles / powder

Airgel particles / powders silica material is a three-dimensional net-like nanostructured high porosity of 80 to 99.8%, concentrated in pore size 10-50nm. Aerogels are \”lightest solid known in the world\”, density of up to 1.5 mg / ml, a size of the airgel blocks finger on rose petals, no sign of bending of petals. Note: This product is airgel materials, mainly for the development of new materials, welcome other companies to develop new products together with the depth. the thermal conductivity of the low porosity KSL6 reached 99.8%, a specific surface area of ​​about 800 to 1500 square meters / g, pore diameter 10 ~ 50nm, the free path of the air is much lower than 70nm. Air is almost impossible to heat transfer in the pores thereof, the low thermal conductivity at room temperature 0.010W / (m · K). and fire retardant KSL6 component is more than 99% of silica comprising inorganic incombustible material own, achieve the national standard GB8624-2012 \”building materials and products of combustion classification\” Class A standards non-combustible. super hydrophobic Hydrophobic rate KSL6 products 99.9%, effective waterproof anti-leakage. 气凝胶颗粒/粉体 Thermal conductivity: 0.012-0.015W / m · K Density: 70-200kg / m 3 Hydrophobic: superhydrophobic maximum temperature: 210 deg.] C