Airgel products made breakthroughs in the application of the consumer electronics industry

Consumer electronics products after many years of development, intelligence, light and thin consumer electronics has been tireless pursuit of the ultimate goal in recent years from the introduction of mobile phones, tablet PCs, display new products, new technology, products increasingly thin , it becomes more and more intelligent, portable, again and again on the original impact on people\’s perception of these products, again and again to bring new experience to people, people from a single demand on cognitive function of the product into the product the integrated experience, comprehensive product experience of feeling increasingly demanding. These changes are taking place all the time, the R & D engineers at the moment is the laboratory for this intelligent, light and thin for the ultimate goal of struggle, the development of today\’s society, rapidly changing technology and materials, the upgrading of products is getting shorter time , too easy to be eliminated, so we have to keep innovative ideas, the courage to try new technologies, materials, programs, design, and strive to walk in front of the market, to be invincible. Intelligent, light and thin consumer electronic products has been a relentless pursuit of the ultimate goal, as more thin consumer electronics products, which are more and more functions, the product of thermal management requirements are also getting higher and higher, thermal management include three aspects: thermal conductivity, heat soaking. Thermal management is a system, to consider programs and materials, products, and some parts of the heat dissipation, the heat insulation, so heat balanced, that does not affect the performance of the product, does not affect the consumer experience feelings , the product of the thermal management system really do a good job is not easy. Thermal conductivity: The electronic heat through the thermally conductive material of the product itself demand environment, the work produced by the internal electronics, outer longitudinal or lateral transfer products, for the purpose of cooling the inside of the product to improve product performance and service life, a thermally conductive material They are: thermal conductivity of graphite sheet, thermal conductive silicone ester, thermal silica, thermal pads, foam thermal conductivity, thermally conductive tape, thermally conductive metal composites. Insulation: The consumer demand for products experience feelings of electronic products topical heat insulating material with the insulating material by changing the direction of heat, or excessive localized heat to penetrate the barrier and the heat or temperature sensitive after the electronic components to isolate heat, the consumer electronics work for a long time, the local temperature is not too hot or the skin, in order to reach consumers feel comfortable experience. Soaking: onIs the use of thermally conductive material compatible program materials and insulation materials, electronic product temperature equilibrium, that does not affect the performance of the product itself, does not affect the consumer experience feelings of comfort, both the thermal conductivity and heat to cooperate with each other, and none not. Suzhou with the launch of a mysterious Aerogels NIF insulation film, NIP insulation film, hit the market, is the world\’s lowest thermal conductivity, the thickness of the thinnest insulation film, product performance even better than foreign brand insulation products. NIF airgel insulation film, the NIP thinnest insulating sheet 50 microns can be achieved, a composite material may be a graphite film cooling, soaking help customers solve the problem of consumer electronics products in small spaces, weak heat insulating member protection, improve human comfort feel. 气凝胶产品在消费类电子行业的应用取得突破进展