Airgel put on \”fashion coat\” for the Green Building

As a high-quality energy-saving environmental protection enterprises, Tianjin Morgan De-Kun high-tech Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Morgan De-Kun\”) is coming soon to new three-panel market. Company founder Li Zhensheng said the company is doing Aerogels project, airgel is a highly promising new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, insulation electronic appliances, construction and other areas have great potential. Airgel is expected in 2025 will replace the traditional building insulation material, the domestic share market more than 100 billion annually. In the near future we will see a green building covered with insulation and efficient airgel \”fashion coat.\” Xu Li decade sword three new board in recent years, with the strengthening of environmental awareness, encourage national planning policies, social responsibility drive, as well as the environmental protection industry market demand continues to expand, and a number of new high-tech environmental protection enterprises . At the same time, a growing number of environmental companies to become a new three-panel market, and many of the new board of the environmental quality of corporate mergers and acquisitions have been regarded as \”the subject of the pool.\” As a preparation for the listing of high-quality energy-saving three new board business executives, founder of Morgan De-Kun Li Zhensheng, told reporters that Morgan De-Kun was founded in 2006, was born at the beginning, it is committed to creating the first brand of industrial thermal management, so the overall solution leader. Enterprise is a set of energy audits, solutions design, materials, production research and development, engineering services in one of the specialized companies. 10 years, the company deeply involved in promoting high-temperature insulation and energy-saving industrial technology sector reform, witnessed the growth of the high-temperature thermal insulation and energy-saving industry grow. Core values ​​as a company with the ideal and the social responsibility of business, 10 years, Morgan De-Kun has been to \”create value for customers, creating benefits for enterprises, creating opportunities for employees, create wealth for the community\” as a guide, and strive to create beautiful, environmentally friendly , energy-saving green environment for the development, mining development of personal strengths, reflect the personal and corporate value. \”As of now, Morgan De-Kun The company has 10,000 square meters of industrial land, construction area of ​​7,000 square meters, has become a national high-tech enterprise, Tianjin Intellectual Property Office pilot unit, the adiabatic member of the Association of energy-saving materials, we passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18001 and other related certification, be included Sinopec, CNOOC qualified suppliers, laid the absolute temperature in ChinaThermal energy industry credibility and brand position. \”Li Zhensheng proud to introduce airgel: great potential of new materials talking about the company\’s current key projects, Li Zhensheng said the company is doing airgel project, enterprises have been edited\” nanoporous airgel composite insulation products \”Country standards being drafted \”nano-silica airgel particles and powders,\” the national standard. Li Zhensheng introduction, airgel is the most cutting-edge home and abroad, most efficient, most energy-efficient, most environmentally friendly of the fourth generation of the new material which is characterized by high transmittance, low impurity content, low density and large surface area, small thermal conductivity. aerogels are the lightest solid substance known to man, having a microscopic structure of the multidimensional space. 95% of the volume of the airgel was air occupied, it is only three times the density of air, about 3kg / m3. so peculiar structural features, materials other airgel obtained unmatched excellent performance and extremely wide range of applications. applications aspect, as gas condensate rapid prosperity plastic industry, aerogels have become the solid, liquid, gas, fifth after the physical form of plasma can be expected, and its applications will extend to every corner of social development, so as to bring another industry revolution. \”airgel is considered one of the top ten most promising future of new materials, is a potential new material, there is great potential in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, thermal insulation electronic appliances, and construction. Moreover, in the field of space transportation and high-speed rail, urban rail, new energy vehicles, the aircraft also can be used airgel. In biological and pharmaceutical fields, cardiovascular implantable devices, artificial bone, drug delivery systems, fermentation and catalysis engineering, also have airgel figure. \”Li Zhensheng representation. Zhensheng Li pointed out that our government\”, \”proposed to airgel insulation material for the construction of the Plan in the State new materials industry,\” five-second Five-Year Plan \”pointed out, insulation materials output value will reach 120 billion energy-saving and environmental protection industry, \”thirteen five\” period will continue to be rapid development is expected in 2015 to 2020, the airgel material will obtain high-volume applications in the field of industrial and equipment. beginning in 2020 replacing traditional industrial insulation materials, about 500 million share of the domestic market each year is expected to begin in 2020, airgel material in the construction sector will begin large-scale applications, 2025 will fully replace traditional building insulation materialExpected, the share of domestic market more than 100 billion annually. In the near future we will see a green building covered with insulation and efficient airgel \”fashion coat.\” Solid market position is strong in technology research and development of high-tech companies can not do without, even insiders pointed out that the high-tech R & D capability is the competitiveness of enterprises. In this regard, Li Zhensheng pointed out that, to meet the needs of enterprise development, to ensure the company\’s core competitiveness, scientific and technological content of products and performance, Morgan De-Kun early as the beginning the company was founded on the formation of a research and development center. The center has 15 staff, including Dr. one, three master\’s degree, 3 senior engineers, eight people have intermediate professional titles, and the remaining staff are college or higher, the initial formation of a multi-disciplinary organic complementary, with a reasonable professional R & D team. The company is located in the heart of Beijing, Tianjin economic and technological areas, is an important node in the Bohai economic zone, a huge regional market capacity. Moreover, the Tianjin Binhai New Area has kun Dana Morgan in \”Thirteen Five\” plan, pointed out that to rely on Morgan De-Kun and other leading companies, research and development and transformation to build a platform to create new chemical materials, gel new materials, electronic information materials, new energy materials, new metal materials, high-performance composite materials and other new materials industry clusters. With solid technical advantages, but also must have a broad market resources to the technology into productivity, bring benefits. Li Zhensheng said Morgan De-Kun has roots in the field of energy-saving insulation for 10 years, the majority of customers good reputation under the support, and establish a good corporate image, establish their strong market position, with the majority of customers formed a strategic partnership. Customer covering petrochemical, military, electric power, transportation, environmental protection, nonferrous metals, steel and other industries. Turning to the corporate vision, Li Zhensheng full of hope. He said Morgan De-Kun adhering to the \”Thanksgiving, aggressive, and yes, good faith, acted as a\” spirit of enterprise, will be better products, more reliable and more detailed technical services to create outstanding team, and sustainable development in the twenty-first century , among the forefront of the global industry. Morgan De-Kun willing to sacrifice light and heat for the high temperature insulation energy industry, and seize the opportunity to achieve leapfrog development industry, enterprise, the industry and the Chinese people\’s \”heat insulation dream.\”