Airgel – solve the \”energy\” and \”fire\” conflicts of critical materials

During the two sessions, green development, energy conservation has become one of the most popular topic of concern. The future development of the building materials industry, on behalf of the members put up a sentence is:. \”Green is the trend,\” it can be said, in green development a national strategy today, the building materials industry, energy conservation is our country to achieve sustainable development the most important goals. As we all know, our country is still the energy consumption of larger countries, while energy consumption in building energy consumption accounts for most of the increase important implementation of building energy efficiency effect is the use of wall materials with high efficiency thermal insulation properties. But without good insulation properties Class A fireproof materials, higher energy efficiency standards, the more the potential safety problems. However, from the insulation materials are currently widely used in our country point of view, still prevalent poor fire performance problems. This makes the \”building energy efficiency\” and \”Fire Safety\” become like \”fish and bear\’s paw\” it is difficult to have both. However, this does not mean that the target can not be achieved to ensure the fire safety of building energy efficiency at the same time. But at the moment, taking into account energy efficiency and double standards of fire protection products because the price is difficult to obtain market acceptance and promote the application, which also led to two consequences: First, the actual selection, the building energy-saving \”way\” of life safety; the second is to fire cross the border at the expense of energy-saving effect, making the building in the late high energy consumption. To solve this problem, we should increase efforts to develop and promote product substitutability, conflict resolution and energy-saving fire safety, and clear a huge security risk urban development fundamentally. In fact, Aerogels is to solve critical materials \”energy\” and \”Fire\” contradictory. It is a nano-porous material, is the world\’s lightest solid material, along with the insulation effect, A-fire, high hydrophobicity and other superior characteristics. However, the road of industrialization airgel is also just started, need to focus on the entire industry support and collaboration. building insulation weight saving of energy conservation is one focus of the Chinese government in recent years. Construction has been a high energy consumption, high emission of large, China\’s building energy consumption has accounted for 27% of total energy consumption society. At present, China requires that all new buildings must strictly enforce the 50% energy saving standards. However, while clearly defined goal of building energy conservation, but these goals should be specific about which products and technical support to achieve it?Shandong Jianzhu University Professor Meng Yang said: \”With the insulation to the building is like wearing a coat, can greatly reduce energy consumption, and therefore the external wall insulation layer is an essential part of the building body of the construction.\” According to statistics, an energy-efficient use of the material per 1 ton, can save the amount of three tons of coal. It can also reduce the emissions of one ton of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and dust. It can be said, highly efficient energy-saving insulation material is the key to building our country to achieve energy efficiency goals. This year two sessions height requirements for energy efficiency in buildings, but also to the efficient, safe, green insulation material brings a historic opportunity. According to statistics, along with China to promote energy efficiency in buildings, new buildings more than 95% of the design uses a building envelope insulation system, which exterior insulation technology applications, especially wide. However, with the domestic real wall insulation system technology enterprise does not have much. Despite 20 years of application, exterior insulation technology in China more and more mature, but in practical engineering project, there have been many quality problems, such as cracked facades, hollowing, loss, condensation, fire hazards, etc. . Insulation industry needs innovation breakthrough data show that China\’s new construction reached 1.2 billion square meters per year, which is 1.2 billion square meters of value-added, the need for external walls of fire insulation 60% to 130 yuan / square meter to 150 yuan / square meter the cost is estimated that each year nearly 500 billion yuan of market share. This is a very broad emerging markets. US Freedonia Group issued a report on China\’s construction industry, \”China building insulation market,\” which states that the demand for insulation materials in China will grow at a rate of 9% per year. However, while the broad market, wall insulation companies are like river carp, and a small amount, so the market caused all kinds of chaos, cracking, falling, water seepage, drug charges … … but also because of the small size of weak economic foundation, unable to study technology-oriented professional, we can only do simple organic materials production and processing, not to mention the burning properties of a-level standard. Currently available in the market mainly polystyrene foam insulation materials, extruded sheet, a polyurethane sheet, phenolic board, foam cement, and mineral wool and the like. Fire performance difference organic insulation materials, which have been expressly restricted range of countries in which the application and application conditions; traditional inorganic insulation material is a high thermal conductivity, water absorption, since the major energy-saving effect is not satisfactory. Visible, the existing insulation materials market productsUrgently carry out industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading. Revolutionary materials – aerogels in fact, high performance alternative material would be present, but only lead to all sorts of hindering its application market is facing major difficulties. For example, airgel materials as a new type of revolutionary insulation materials, high performance, broad prospect, but industrialization in China has just started, there are still many aspects need to improve, its high cost and industrialization process problems is to limit the market the key problem applications. According to reports, SiO2 airgel located in foreign media named the \”Top Ten material of the future,\” the head known as the \”revolutionary new materials.\” Its policy in line with China\’s new materials industry and building energy efficiency, industrial energy policy, there is a wide range of applications and development prospects. New materials SiO2 airgel material belonging to the frontiers, mainly used in aerospace, military field, because of its unique Insulation performance, and its application in the industrial field is called a revolutionary solution. Compared with conventional insulation materials, its good fire protection, low thermal conductivity, can significantly reduce material consumption, to achieve high energy saving effect. Depending on the application of airgel material Karamay Oilfield Engineering, compared with the airgel material silicate insulation material, energy can be saved 34.6%; Liaoning Liaohe oilfield engineering applications, the airgel material with the silicon composite acid than other insulation materials, heat loss is reduced 38.5%. Therefore, the development of new SiO2 airgel materials, insulation materials help to promote industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading. Airgel industrialization need to help our country in many ways airgel industry is still in the industrialization and application of market cultivation stage. 2014 and 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission for two consecutive years will airgel material is classified as \”national key energy-saving low-carbon technologies to promote the directory\”, began a preliminary application for airgel materials. However, the promotion effect airgel is not satisfactory. Building energy efficiency market is relatively confusion, product variety, quality uneven, difficult to unified standards, inspection and other difficult issues inherent in the airgel material in this critical new industrial applications are still with little success. Southwest Securities Co., Ltd. Party Secretary Liaoqing Xuan said in an interview during the two sessions, in the promotion process of new environmentally friendly materials, the first to have the new products continue to lead the industry development, and guide the consumer wave. The second is the need for policy guidance in the promotion of new insulation materialsWhen the government promoting the use of energy-saving products, eco-friendly materials and energy-saving and the introduction of relevant safety standards, will be a good promotion for such products. Industry standards, policy support, financial subsidies, technical innovation and product manufacturing enterprises and new product development is the promotion of new insulation materials, and so that the community accepted and recognized by the premise. Indeed, industrialization and application of airgel and other critical materials only specific guidance by the Ministry and other multi-sectoral linkage and local government departments, airgel related businesses, universities, research institutes active cooperation, the establishment of industry associations, to promote gas condensate plastic industrial technology and engineering achievements in the field of high energy consumption, technology and applications in the first breakthrough, in order to truly realize industrialization. In this regard, new material research Beijing Construction Engineering New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Fu Jian, vice president of any appeal during the two sessions, in order to achieve the goal of building energy efficiency, ensure safe city, we should vigorously support the development of airgel material, airgel material to promote in our country the wide range of applications. By building the \”political – production – research – with the\” linkage platform, the introduction of the government\’s policies to promote energy-saving projects, nurture and support industry leading enterprises, so that our country airgel industry to the international competition arena. Energy conservation is the problem facing the world today, airgel is a revolutionary energy saving solutions industry. Only Think global, system specification and layout airgel industry in order to fire a safeguard, to achieve energy conservation goals for the people to create a safe and comfortable living environment, the \”innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing\” five development concept the practical implementation of the national urbanization in the past.